How to use kiosks in healthcare: 3 ideas

If you’re trying to decide how to use kiosks in healthcare, we have three ideas for you which you may not have thought of.

Interactive kiosks in healthcare are often used for services such as patient check-ins, biometric readings and telemedicine.

But there are many other ways they can be used too – here are three novel ideas for how to use kiosks in healthcare.

Information and entertainment

Most hospitals use posters, signs and leaflets to provide information on the location of services within the premises or medical conditions.

An alternative would be to use an interactive kiosk to display such information, which would have several advantages.

A touchscreen easily allows the user to change the language of the information at the touch of a button.

A screen can also let people zoom in or zoom out, to make the information easier to read, as well as adjusting the contrast or brightness.

Furthermore, they can provide a speech function for the blind.

Interactive kiosks can also be used in waiting rooms or wards to provide internet access to help pass the time.


Similar to above, interactive kiosks could also help guide patients to the right part of the building.

Signs and leaflets can only display static maps, which can often be unclear and confusing.

A touchscreen can offer three-dimensional interactive maps which are much easier to understand.

They can even offer specific directions at the user’s request and once again, speech functions can help guide the blind too.


An interactive kiosk is a great way of taking payment for prescription services out of pharmacy opening hours.

This is particularly relevant for Accident and Emergency departments where patients could need prescriptions at any time of the day or night.

Without having pharmacy staff working throughout the night to facilitate these occasional transactions, an interactive kiosk is the best solution.

How to use kiosks in healthcare: In summary

Interactive kiosks are more traditionally used in healthcare for patient check-ins, biometric readings and telemedicine – but they could also be used to provide information or entertainment, directions and payment services.

For more information on how to use kiosks in healthcare, why not get in touch with us and we can share some more ideas with you.