How to use Interactive Kiosks to Boost Retail Sales

In this week’s blog we explain why and how to use interactive kiosks to boost retail sales.

The leaps forward in technology and the internet especially is changing the world of retail beyond anything that we’ve seen before.

Competition which was once limited to other retail outlets on the same high street is now worldwide, and for this reason, businesses increasingly have to find new ways to stay ahead of the pack.

Interactive Kiosks

Retail units are beginning to see the immense power of interactive kiosks placed within the shops as adding a new dimension to the shopping experience for customers, improving morale amongst staff and giving management more control, are all helping businesses to boost their retail sales.

So how can retailers use interactive kiosks to boost their sales and make their businesses more successful?

  • Links to website and products – Businesses can use interactive kiosks to showcase their whole product selection, and link straight through to their website. This means that products that aren’t in stock can firstly be shown, and secondly be ordered right there and then. Information about products can be given at the click of a button, including prices and comparisons can be made easily and visually which can vastly improve the customer choosing and buying experience.


  • Changing roles of sales assistants – The fact that there is detailed information about the products available means that the job of sales assistants will change. They will be able to concentrate purely on selling, and less on answering questions. This also means that some retailers can cut the number of staff on the shop floor.


  • Stock – Interactive kiosks will allow both customers and staff to see what products are currently in stock – both in their store, and in other stores nearby. This means that if a product is not in stock, it can be sought from another branch or ordered straight away. It can also be used for stock controllers to know the amount of stock and when products need to be ordered.


  • Branding – Retailers can also use interactive kiosks to reinforce their branding. This can be used not only in a visual sense, but also by providing company information – such as its history and ethical policies – both of which can be important factors for some consumers.


  • Premises – Retailers can show their stock via the interactive kiosk, meaning that they can minimise the stock that they have on show. This means that for certain types of retailers, the size of the premises of the store can be reduced – saving money on rent.


  • Other applications – Retailers can add in their own applications which can be carried out by their interactive kiosk, which usually involve a degree of human interaction, such as managing gift cards, taking credit card payments, applying for store cards or managing job applications.

How to use interactive kiosks to boost retail sales – a summary

Interactive kiosks can make all the difference in both the day to day and more long term management of a retail business. It can be used to facilitate the jobs of the people who work there, improve the overall customer experience and even offer services that weren’t available beforehand.

For more information about how to use interactive kiosks to boost retail sales don’t hesitate to get in touch.