How to Improve Security in Retail Using Kiosks

Are you looking for ways to improve security in retail?

Self-service kiosks can make a retail environment run more smoothly – and they can also help combat theft.

Here are four ways you can use kiosks to improve security in retail:

Prevent the circulation of counterfeit money

Counterfeit money can be a problem for retail businesses. Around 430,000 counterfeit Bank of England banknotes were removed from circulation during 2014 alone.

The staff who operate your tills should hopefully be able to identify obvious forgeries, but sometimes counterfeit money is difficult to spot.

Use self-service kiosks to fight back. Every banknote and coin used during transactions will be scanned for authentication.

Perform frequent inventory checks

One of the best things about using self-service point of sale systems is being able to quickly and easily check on inventory.

If you purchased 50 chocolate bars and the machine shows that 20 have been sold, you should obviously have 30 left. Since stock information is so readily available, it makes sense to perform regular checks.

You’ll be able to see which items are stolen most frequently, meaning safeguards can be put in place.

Staff members will also be less likely to try stealing stock if they know regular checks are taking place.

Integrate with video security

Self-service kiosks make it more difficult for employees to steal from you since they provide an accurate readout of all money taken during a given period.

You’ll be able to compare that amount with the money in the machine at the end of the day to check for any signs of foul play.

Of course, some staff members may still try to pocket some of the money and try to pass the blame.

To combat this, aim a security camera at the kiosk. This will allow you to see exactly who has been interacting with the machine at any given time.

Track trends to check for supplier theft

Business owners often forget about the risk of supplier theft. Research indicates that 27% of retail theft is down to suppliers, contractors and admin errors.

A supplier might deliver fewer products than you ordered, but tell you they’ve provided the full order. You then might assume the missing items were stolen by a member of the public or a staff member.

Self-service kiosks can help improve security in retail by tracking items from when they’re delivered to when they leave the store.

If any items are missing, you’ll be able to track them and see if they lead back to the same supplier each time.

How to improve security in retail using kiosks: a summary

If you want to improve security in retail, kiosks may be the perfect way to do it. Automating certain systems reduces the possibility of human error, which may help to reduce theft.

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