How to Grow Your Business Using Kiosks: A guide

This week we discuss how to grow your business using kiosks. Without further ado…

Attention is the currency of the 21st century

The more you can attract the attention of your customers and prospects, the more your business will grow.

One unique way to attract attention and bring in new leads to your business is using kiosks.

Specifically, we’re talking about combining your e-mail marketing campaigns and the public facing part of your brand through the use of interactive digital kiosks.

Freestanding touch-screen kiosks

A freestanding touch-screen kiosk can virtually pay for itself in terms of the potential sales leads generated through its interaction with the public at large.

Imagine a custom video or software presentation that continually demands attention from passersby in public high-traffic areas, or conventions and trade shows, with your brand image and messages displayed on a high definition video touch screen, while stereo speakers play music and audio presentations promoting your brand image.

With a kiosk that runs your custom presentations, you can provide potential customers with valuable information that shows them how they can learn about all of your products & services by simply entering their email address, much like a traditional internet sales funnel landing page.

From there you can decide the best way to convert those leads to actual revenue streams once contact is made.

Increase efficiency with interactive kiosks

Using a kiosk at a trade-show or convention is a great way to reduce the workload of your onsite staff.

Those users who simply want introductory information on your product sent directly to them can interact with the kiosk by watching presentations and entering their contact information, while the staff can engage with those visitors who are past the tire-kicking phase and are actually ready to place orders.

Setting up a kiosk with the right colors and signage is as easy as can be.  With modular designs, plug & play internet connectivity, a wide range of colors to choose from as well as many different hardware footprints (freestanding, wall mounted, panel PC), getting a digital kiosk operational is just a matter of defining the environment you envision the kiosk running in, and choosing the best location to intercept passersby and engage their interest.

Industry standard software allows you to run any customized design of your branding image and presentations, either as a loop, an interactive menu system, or perhaps an enhancement to a live presentation by a member of your staff.  Internet connectivity can further enhance the utility of a kiosk presentation by allowing you to link back to your homepage.

Bring your brand into the public sphere

Kiosks are a cost-effective way to bring your message and brand to people’s attention as they go about their day’s activities in the public space, and it allows them to be engaged and feel a connection with you and your brand through the use of touch, much like when they use your app on their mobile devices.

Consider using a digital kiosk to provide value to potential customers.  Once they’ve viewed your content, and interacted with the custom presentations you’ve created for them & delivered through this exciting medium,  you’re on the way to having loyal customers who are happy to not only buy your products, but promote your brand to their own.

How to grow your business using kiosks – conclusion

With any luck this article will have given you some ideas for how our kiosk solutions could positively impact your business.

If you’d like any more information on how to grow your business using kiosks then please do get in touch.