How to encourage customers to use digital signage

Digital signage has taken off in a huge way, transforming the shopping experience for consumers. 

As a result of the success, we are seeing more and more organisations embrace digital signage as a way to engage with the customer. 

This comes as no surprise, with science proving that after 72 hours of people viewing digital signage, people retain 65% of visual information.

Here’s a few ways to encourage customers to get the most out of digital signage.

Make it visually exciting

Make your digital signage flashy and eye-catching to compel people to stop in the street and visit your store. This will help you differentiate from your competitors and be able to get key messages from your brand across visually.

Use it for promotional opportunities

If you have a new product range out, use this visual opportunity to showcase it to your consumers. 

A self-service kiosk, for example, is an effective way to allow customers to swipe through new product ranges and descriptions, without using up the resource of an in-person sales assistant.   

Change your digital signage frequently 

Digital signage is rapidly evolving. With the introduction of cloud-based technology, you can now make your content dynamic and streamlined through being able to instantaneously change it. 

This can be extremely useful as a client engagement strategy, live streaming reactions to content, or inviting the customer to digitally give opinions or show reactions on the content shown. 

Customise your content

Nowadays, social media is core to most marketing campaigns. 

Paying attention to how customers engage with your brand on social media will help you make a better judgement on what to display on your digital signage. 

Having digital signage with hashtags or with instagram handles, for example, will enable you to track your engagement online and see what people are engaging with. 

Consequently, if consumers begin to recognise the online presence of your brand on a digital board, they will more likely engage with it.

Hold social media competitions 

Hosting social media competitions for your users will be an extra incentive for them to engage in your digital signage. 

Featuring live social media content made by your customers on the signage will encourage them to post, paving a social media space for your brand. This will also expand your customer base online.

Strategically place your signage

Take advantage of the idle time customers spend in queue and see it as a prime engagement opportunity. 

Set your signage in a close range of a queue and make the content entertaining enough so that they will not be tempted to go on their phones as they wait. 

Sharing the story behind your organisation in this way is a good idea and will make your digital signage more personal, as well as educating your customers about your brand.


There are many ways to encourage customers to use digital signage. 

Mostly, it is about using your signage to grab the attention of your customer and finding ways to keep their attention long enough to get your message across.

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