How to Clean your Digital Kiosk: A Guide

Wondering how to clean your digital kiosk?

Whether your digital kiosk is used for printing photos, ordering hamburgers, or checking into pre-booked appointments, maintaining a high level of hygiene and cleanliness is as important as delivering usability and efficiency for customers and operators – now more than ever. 

For companies and businesses utilising a digital kiosk as part of their customer offering, factoring regular cleaning into the maintenance of your digital kiosk screen is an important factor in the ongoing COVID safety regulations.

This guide will uncover a few of the top areas of focus when it comes to cleaning your kiosk.

Why keeping your digital kiosk clean is so important

If your business uses a digital kiosk as part of its service of customer-facing offering, the chances are that the screen in particular is being touched by a steady stream of users all day long. 

This can lead to the transfer of anything from dust particles to viruses and bacteria, with the recent Covid-19 pandemic creating more awareness than ever about hygiene and transferable viruses. 

One of the top tips we recommend to all our consumers implementing digital kiosks is to keep hand sanitiser in the vicinity of the screen, encouraging users to protect themselves and others by cleaning their own hands before and after using the kiosk. 

But that’s not enough. As well as encouraging user hygiene, it’s important to keep the device itself as clean as possible. 

Cleaning your Digital Kiosk

Keeping a digital kiosk clean is a simple enough process, though it is important that for a thorough clean you shut the kiosk down completely. 

Most kiosk manufacturers recommend a ‘little and often’ approach to cleaning, relying on products approved by the CDC and only using very soft materials which will not scratch the surface of the screen. 

  1. Select a lint-free microfibre cloth and start with a simple solution of soap and water.
    Be very careful not to use excess liquid, as this can damage the inside of your kiosk. Squeeze the cloth out completely before wiping it over the surface.  
  2. Once the screen has dried, check that your cleaner is the CDC approved mix of 70% isopropyl alcohol and 30% water, and spray onto the cloth.

    Never spray directly onto the screen!

  3. Clean with care, taking care to focus on key touch points including buttons and the exterior border of the kiosk as well as the screen itself. 

Other steps to take to safeguard the care and hygiene of your digital kiosk

Digital kiosks tend to be used in public areas where they offer versatility, convenience, and ease of use – and remove the need for personnel. 

Having said that, placing a member of staff in the vicinity of your digital kiosks will ensure that any difficulties faced by users are sorted quickly, and will also encourage the maintenance of a clean and tidy space around the kiosks.

Welcome and encourage customers to use the screens rather than search for a colleague. 

How to clean your digital kiosk: conclusion

For more advice on cleaning your digital kiosk and optimising the way you use digital kiosk touch points in your business, don’t hesitate to contact us.