How to Brand your Digital Kiosk

Wondering how to brand your digital kiosk?

There are all sorts of reasons why your organisation might choose a digital kiosk solution. You might want to reduce queueing time for your customers, reduce your staffing overheads, or make improvements to your service through customer feedback surveys.

Whatever the primary reason for using a digital kiosk, you can always make it work that little bit harder for your business: A well-designed kiosk can also be a powerful ambassador for your brand.

So, how can you brand your digital kiosk to help you push your brand messaging and boost the positive impression clients have of your business? Let us run through some of our key pointers:

First impressions are everything

Positioned in a lobby or entrance to your business, the kiosk might be one of the first things your customers see. You don’t want your opening gambit to be a kiosk sporting an ‘out-of-order’ sign together with dust and grime.

This kind of welcome might cause your customers to wonder what other areas of your business you might neglect.

It might be sensible to consider a maintenance and support package so that you can pre-empt any issues and act on them before they materialise.

Consistency is key

You want your brand identity to thread through your kiosk design from start to finish. This should be evident not only from the software you select, but also in the artwork and coverage you choose for the outside.

A bespoke software design service can mimic the look and feel of your organisation’s website. This can be extended further with your company logo and matching colours for the outside.

Make sure that customer experience underpins every choice. What will they remember about your business? What should be their take-away? Keep it simple – don’t overwhelm or frustrate your customer with mixed messages. Define a singular concept and stick to it.

Brand your digital kiosk – Making life easy

Just as you don’t want to confuse your customer with over-the-top branding, you should keep the interface simple too.

Make sure the kiosk is intuitive and easy to navigate. Consider helpful tips, like including instructions for how to return to the home screen at any point in the process.

You could also place additional instructions on nearby signage to further reassure your customer. Make sure their main impression is that you are a helpful, straightforward, uncomplicated brand.

Mix it up

While you want to make your kiosk user-friendly, that doesn’t mean you must always shy away from variety.

Think of your kiosk as an extension of your advertising strategy. If the graphics on the unit are always the same, it runs the risk of blending into the background and being ignored by your customers.

Just as businesses will not put out the same adverts year after year, kiosk owners should adopt a similar approach. Similarly, if you choose a vinyl wrap, it gives you the flexibility to adapt to current promotions and trends, and engage new clientele.

You can even generate alternative revenue streams if your business lends itself to partnering with third parties – you could feature their adverts on your kiosks.

How to brand your digital kiosk – Conclusion

Your kiosk represents your brand just as much as any other aspect of your business, so get it right and it will be a very valuable asset.

Don’t know where to start? We’re here to help guide you through the options.

To find out more about how to brand your digital kiosk to help boost your brand, just get in touch.