How Can Touchscreens Help to Prevent the Retail Apocalypse?

In recent years, many traditional retailers have closed down their shops primarily because eCommerce stores are driving them out of business.

For example, big retailers and recognisable high street brands such as American Apparel have filed for bankruptcy and closed all their shops.

So, as a retailer, how can you prevent your store from becoming irrelevant? It’s a question that many shop owners are becoming preoccupied with following all these new online digital developments.

The answer is to stay ahead of the curve with touchscreens. They can help you as a retailer to improve customer experience and, at the same time, ensure that your business is booming during the holiday season. 

How can you retain and attract more customers in your retail shop using touchscreens? The tips listed below will help you form a firm foundation for your store.

Ways Touchscreens Can Help To Prevent the Retail Apocalypse

Pick-up-in-store or Buy online

A survey done by the JDA showed that more than half of retail customers used touchscreens during their sales in 2018.

It is a trend that will change how customers interact with retailers, as well as improving the customers’ shopping experience. 

Furthermore, touchscreens also give the customers a chance to shop way ahead of the time they need the items, which reduces the time the customer spends in line waiting to make their purchase – something which can put customers off.

Additionally, a touchscreen is an excellent way of improving customer loyalty to the retail store because happy customers will always return.

Easing the Purchasing Process

One significant importance of introducing touchscreens in retail shops and stores is that employees can operate more efficiently because the chances of errors will decrease. Touchscreens are also supported by software that records transaction history as well as other issues concerning orders.

This stored information is valuable to the retail store because it offers directives in terms of the satisfaction of the customers, and it helps when creating promotions on items.

Offering Information on Demand

When was the last time you went into a retail shop, and you had a question regarding a product? In most cases, you probably approached an employee to get the answer.

In such a case, if you did not find a salesperson, you possibly left, and the store lost a customer. But what if the retail store had a digital system with a touchscreen that could address your concerns?

According to research done in January 2019, 27 percent of people who shop in retail stores feel satisfied with the services that touchscreens offer in terms of assisting them.

Touchscreens can help retailers to stay relevant

Not only do touchscreens help to modernize your store, but they also help improve the customer experience and provide customers with the right information, such as ads and product details.

Therefore, if you are still struggling in the old brick-and-mortar style, try the tips listed above to save yourself from the retail apocalypse using a touchscreen.

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