How a Digital Kiosk Could Help You Find a Home

If you’re considering moving house, the typical things come to mind: over-eager estate agents, homes that look nothing like they do in the photos and the worry that your perfect home may be snatched from under your nose.


You likely haven’t thought about the role that digital kiosks might play in these scenarios – but there are a number of ways that this technology can vastly improve the property market experience.


Through the use of interactive content, digital signage or even informational kiosks, home buyers can find clear, concise information that can simplify their journey through the property market.


Here are several ways that digital kiosks could help you find a home:


They enhance customer experience


Similar to how they benefit retail customers, digital kiosks can provide a more user friendly experience for the budding house hunter.


As kiosks are able to be updated remotely online with up-to-date information, agencies are able to display new houses as soon as they’re available – as well as remove sold properties to avoid any potential frustration and bidding wars!


Via their kiosk software, agencies will be able to personalise their displays to be more appealing to customers. This can potentially generate a lot more interest in their properties.


This also means that customers have 24/7 access to this information, allowing them to browse the houses they’re interested in at their own pace.


If an estate agency wants to provide up-to-date information in a way that keeps potential homeowners relaxed and informed, a digital kiosk would be a worthwhile investment.


They maximise efficiency


Buying a house can be a long, stressful and drawn out process. This can be shortened, however, with the introduction of digital kiosks.


Introducing interactive kiosk tech into the property market can maximise efficiency by allowing agents and potential homeowners to:


  • Conduct property research, such as availability and suitable properties
  • Fill out necessary pre-viewing and post-signing paperwork
  • View information in a variety of font sizes and languages
  • Be in control of the information they’re viewing


The simplification provided by digital kiosks can both shorten and improve the buying experience for any budding homeowner. Improving this user journey not only provides an agency with happy clients, but can free up agents to deal with further business to come through their doors.


Bringing transparency to the experience


Any potential homeowner is going to want to make an informed decision before they put their money towards a property.


Therefore, they want to see as much transparency as possible – which is possible through the use of digital kiosks.


This allows information to be presented in an upfront and direct way, displaying all listings and relevant information. The access to this data should be able to make the decision process as painless as possible.




While digital kiosks may not be the first thing you think of when you think of the property market, the benefits they can provide to the potential home buyer allow the process to be streamlined and simplified.


If you’re thinking of rejoining the property market, keep an eye out for a digital kiosk. If used correctly, it can provide you with a more transparent, efficient and stress-free property experience.


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