Why Your Hotel Needs An Interactive Check-in Kiosk

The continual development of technology means that we are able to change the way that we run our businesses. There are some tasks that can only be done by people. But there are many that a machine can take off your hands – and actually do better – more thoroughly, with closer attention to detail, and less room for error.

In the hospitality industry, the human touch is very important. To not be greeted in person, for example, would not make a guest feel welcome. That doesn’t mean, however, that you shouldn’t get an interactive check-in kiosk. In fact, it is why you should!

Hotel Interactive Check-in Kiosks

An interactive check-in kiosk can take away the time consuming duty of registering, with a much lower risk of human error. It means that your reception staff can concentrate on what they are there for – receiving, helping and welcoming!

It means potentially shorter queues and also gives you the chance to put across branding and important messages from the beginning. Instead of relying on reception staff to pass messages and information over, the interactive check-in kiosk can do it for you.

An interactive check-in desk can take a lot of the boring leg work out of a receptionist’s job, allowing them to concentrate on be a pleasant, helpful and friendly member of staff. Your interactive check-in kiosk can be set up to perform whatever tasks that you want it to.

This means that it could be just to register your customer’s details before the move over to the physical check-in desk, or could perform the entire process – from matching an online booking number through to dispensing the room key.

What else can an interactive kiosk do for you?

There are an increasing amount of hotels which also use interactive kiosks for other functions:

  • Concierge kiosks – Can give helpful information about the local area – attractions with information about them, places to eat, even transport and weather information. It can also give guests access to the internet where they can go on to make bookings.
  • Airline kiosks – These would allow your guests to check-in to their flight before even leaving the hotel.
  • Internet – Every hotel these days has to offer internet access to their guests. An interactive kiosk can allow those who don’t have their device with them to use the internet.

Kiosks are also a great way to promote branding, give your guests another way to communicate with you, and also keep your staff happy, as they will be left to do the tasks that need to be done in person.

As a hotel owner, you can stipulate what functions you want your interactive kiosk to have as well as using your hotel’s branding if you wish.

There are many ways that interactive kiosks can help your hotel run smoothly, and it doesn’t necessarily mean getting rid of staff. By installing interactive check-in kiosks, you can give your staff the chance to forget the mundane, boring stuff and looking after their guests in the manner that they deserve.

For more information about interactive check-in kiosks, and other kiosks, get in touch with us today!