Hotel Kiosks: Help Your Guests Enjoy a More Comfortable Stay

Touch screen kiosks are becoming increasingly popular in hotels around the world. Hotel kiosks provide a number of benefits for guests – so how can you use them to provide a more comfortable stay? Here are some of the best ways to do just that.

Provide guests with internet access

Using a modern touch screen kiosk, you can provide your guests with access to the internet in the lobby as soon as they arrive and throughout their stay.

Using your kiosk, they can browse websites, access services, check their emails, find out about the local news and weather and more. This is ideal for guests who don’t have laptops with them but want to enjoy a large-screen internet experience.

Allow guests to check in

People are becoming more and more familiar with the idea of checking in via a machine. Checking into flights from your phone or at an airport kiosk is now commonplace, and your guest will be more than happy to check in via a kiosk at your hotel.

When guests arrive, they often want to get to their room and relax as soon as possible, and interactive check-in kiosks make that easier. They can speed up the process of going through check-in at the desk, as well as check-out when guests leave.

This is great for your guests – but it’s also good for your employees. They can focus on dealing with more complex tasks, as well as providing help and advice and welcoming guests to improve the overall customer experience.

Provide a concierge service

With your hotel kiosk, you can provide a concierge service by offering information about the local area including things to see and do, the weather forecast, transport information, where to eat and everything else your guests might want to know when they arrive. You could even allow guests to make bookings directly through the kiosk.

Help with onward travel

International guests might want help with their onward travel arrangements. Why not use your kiosk to enable them to check in to their flights while they’re still in the hotel? This will save them time, which is a great way to provide them with a better experience during their stay.

Provide information in multiple languages

Now you don’t need your employees to speak lots of languages for your international guests. Using your kiosk, you can provide access to information in multiple languages so guests from anywhere in the world can get all the information they need effortlessly.

Welcome your guests

You could also use your hotel kiosk as a way to welcome your guests by providing a branded welcome experience. Your welcome kiosk could be set up to provide basic information about how to get help and who to contact to give the perfect welcome for everyone.

Take advantage of a great branding opportunity

Hotel kiosks provide excellent branding opportunities, from the design of the kiosk to the custom software you’re using. Everything can be customised to complement your brand with ease.

Choosing your hotel kiosks

When choosing hotel kiosks, there are a few considerations to keep in mind. Firstly, they should be modern and of the highest quality. Many people will be using them on a daily basis, so you want them to be robust and built to last.

You might also need to control user access levels to control what your guests can access via the kiosk. And you might even want to set your kiosk up to take payment in the form of a coin slot if you plan to charge for access – all of which we can do for you with our kiosks.

See how we helped Imperial London Hotels

If you like the idea of setting up hotel kiosks to help your guests, we’d love to talk. To get started, take a look at our case study showing how we helped Imperial London Hotels with their kiosk solution. Then contact us to get started!