Hot Desking

Hot Desking Kiosk – Hot desking, or location independent working, are phrases used to describe a new set of working practices. When hot desking solutions are deployed employees are no longer constrained to a fixed desk or working environment, they are in fact allocated work space according to their specific needs on a day to day basis.

Kiosks have become the ideal solution through which to manage hot desking applications and assign independent working protocols through the use of contact-less card readers, biometrics and interactive touchscreen technology, dramatically improving efficiency and ensuring that every team member is maximising his or her potential.

Acante have been supplying touch screen information kiosks and touch screen solutions for over 10 years having now deployed thousands of touch screen information kiosks, touch screen internet kiosks and touch screen wall mount kiosks across the UK, Europe and Worldwide.

Acante range of interactive kiosks are ideal for use in the corporate environment, with all of our kiosks being fully customisable and brandable through the use of vinyl coverings, frosted logos, LED illumination and the addition of repeater screens and backboards.

When implementing a kiosk solution it is important to identify its application and its purpose. The kiosk represents an integral part of the entire solution but just as importantly, consideration needs to be given to the software application that will run on the kiosk. Ensuring a good combination of suitable kiosk and usable software will go a long way to making the kiosk solution both effective and popular and will ensure prolonged, consistent use.

Kiosk Location – The location of any kiosk is paramount to its usage and overall success. To effectively implement a hot desking solution it is important that studies are undertaken to ensure that the location of the kiosk complements staff requirements and expected usage patterns.

Kiosk Software – The software, in most cases, needs to be tailored to each individual kiosk or independent working solution. Whilst there are a number of “off the shelf” solutions available in the market today, it is vital that time is spent understanding exactly what the kiosk is required to do, what it is intended to offer the user and how the kiosk will communicate with any back office software. Acante have a good working relationship with a number of specialist software companies, each offering differing skill sets and specialties in relation to kiosk software and hot desking applications.

Kiosk Audience – Acante can offer a complete kiosk range allowing the client to choose a best fit solution for their environment and target audience. Many of our kiosk solutions are DDA compliant and as such are suitable for wheelchair users and children. Hearing loops and specialist keyboards to assist the visually impaired are also available.

It is without doubt that Acante ability to build in the UK, to adjust to client requirements and our client ability to have a hands on approach throughout the build process that has given our customers a great sense of control and ultimately a product which fits their needs perfectly.

To ensure quality across all of our products, Acante are one of the only kiosk companies to control the manufacture and assembly process of touch screen information kiosks in the UK.

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