Healthcare Kiosks

Healthcare Kiosks – Internet Kiosks continue to improve healthcare experiences

Healthcare providers continually look for new and improved ways to contain their costs and improve efficiency. Kiosks have continued to be a popular choice. Kiosks can be used in many different healthcare environments, these include:

Patient check-in kiosk

Patient check-in kiosks could be tailored to manage Electronic Records and check-in functions.

Track, trend & manage (biometric kiosk)

Kiosks and their related technology empower patients to make informed decisions about their well being.Kiosks can be built to include many devices such as biometric readers. The measurements obtained by the devices could be made available to the provider, expediting the delivery of care. The information could be saved allowing the patient to actively monitor and manage their own health.

Telemedicine kiosk

Kiosks could allow patients to interact with a remote doctor through electronic means (through video, or by phone) defined as telemedicine. Telemedicine kiosks could include HD cameras and various devices allowing doctors to efficiently and accurately diagnose certain conditions. It is envisaged that telemedicine kiosks could save time and travel costs, and patients begin their recovery earlier. Telemedicine kiosk solutions would be particularly beneficial to patients, doctors, and specialists who are located in rural areas, or in remote locations.

Wayfinding/Directory kiosk

Many hospital and healthcare facilities could use kiosks to manage the flow of patient and visitor traffic. Wayfinding and directory kiosks could offer many benefits such as the ability to provide directions, as well as the opportunity for advertising and sponsored messaging.

Other potential healthcare kiosk applications could include:

Human Resources Companies in the hospital and healthcare industry could provide employees with access to commonly used forms, important company communications, and more through interactive kiosk solutions.

Virtual Receptionist Hospitals and healthcare companies can save administrative costs by providing visitors with access through a virtual receptionist kiosk.
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