The Future of the Smartwatch: What Will They Do Next?

Apple was at it again the other week. On September 12th, 2018, the tech giant launched a selection of new iPhones.

But it was another device that really caught our attention: the Apple Watch.

Smartwatches are often seen as a bit of a disappointment, the next big thing that never quite caught on. As such, the future of the smartwatch is still seen as unclear.

But this year’s Apple Watch made some big improvements and it’s clear now that smartwatches are getting better than ever. As such, there is every chance that they could have a very interesting future.


Health and Safety Features


Some of the most interesting features of the Apple Watch Series 4 focused on health and safety. There was the new Fall Detection feature, by which the watch detects if the wearer falls over. If the wearer does not react, the watch automatically contacts emergency services and sends a message to their emergency contact with their location. It could be a game changer for the elderly or those living on their own.


Not only can the new Apple Watch monitor your heart rate and alert if an abnormally high- or low-rate is detected, its sensor will also be able to perform an ECG. This new software, which will be rolled out in the US later this year, allows the user to carry out an ECG on themself and then share the chart with their doctor by PDF, without even needing to step foot in a hospital.


Where Wearable Tech Is Heading


Wearables are no doubt getting smarter. But they have not taken off in the same way as smartphones, mainly because they still often rely on connecting to a smartphone to get the most out of them They are not standalone products, and the small screens are limiting too.


But they are becoming more important. In fact, as a sign of what’s to come, the US life insurance provider John Hancock recently added fitness tracking to its policies. It is now only offering policies for which the customer must also have a wearable device for digital fitness tracking.


As far as healthcare goes, wearable tech will go beyond the smartphone. Smart pills, patches and straps are all going to be increasingly used in healthcare.


The Future of the Smartwatch: Taking Over from Smartphones?


Could the smartwatch be the tech of the future? Could they take over from smartphones? Some people think so, even though it doesn’t look like it yet. But the smartphone will die out one day. Tech moves on, and the essential tech of today will inevitably become obsolete, just as pagers and fax machines have before them.


Perhaps the smart part of the smartwatch will become the strap. If this happens, we will wear normal watches, which are popular as fashion accessories, and the magic will all happen in the strap. Or maybe foldable tech will take off, which could be incorporated into a smartwatch-like device.


Wearable Tech Has a Big Future


While no one knows what the future of smartwatches may hold, the smartwatch is definitely getting smarter – as the latest Apple Watch shows. Just how much of a role it will play in our future is uncertain, but wearable tech in some form or another is certainly going to play an important role in our lives in the near future.