Foldable Screens: What Does the Future Hold?

We’ve been promised foldable screens on mobile phones for so long. Finally, this year, the Galaxy Fold was planned to be released to much fanfare. The future of phones had arrived.

And then it’s release was suddenly delayed after early reviewers claimed that their screens had broken after just days of use. Not too great for a device costing £1,800.

So are foldable screens really the future?

All Is Not Lost

Despite the delay to the launch of the Galaxy Fold, it is still likely to be released. Samsung may simply have a few wrinkles to iron out. For such an innovative device, this was always a risk – especially seeing as it is racing with other manufacturers like Huawei to be the first to market.

To be honest, the device is more a symbol of the company’s innovation as well as a look at where the future of phones – and screens in general – is going. However, people are clearly going to be asking whether this is really the future.

There Is Still a Long Way to Go

The truth is, foldable phones are still very much in their infancy. This is only 2019, and any phones we see this year will be thick, clunky and very expensive. They will also have short battery lives because they have to power larger screens, and few apps will have been optimised to use their unique features. But it’s important to remember that this is just the beginning.

Where Things Are Heading

In the short term, foldable screens on phones are likely to be used to create a fairly basic type of device: a phone that opens up to become a tablet.

But things will improve over the next few years. One reason for this is OLED screens. These are incredibly thin, and they will lead to some genuinely innovative experiences.

Perhaps where things really start to get exciting is when phones start turning into wearables. It’s easy to see how a bendable phone could one day be wrapped around your wrist like a watch, or a large screen that folds up into a tiny pouch.

Or Are They Just a Gimmick?

Not everyone sees foldable screens as the future. For some, they are just a gimmick destined for failure.

After all, manufacturers need to sell us new experiences. Most phones we use today are pretty similar to the first smartphones – they are better and more powerful, but they are not wildly different. This makes them harder to sell, especially now that they seem to get more expensive every year.

Manufacturers are desperate to introduce new features that make their phones different from the competition, and foldable screens provide them with this opportunity.

Are Foldable Screens The Future?

Foldable phones are here. After years of predictions, they have finally arrived. And while the early models are nothing to get too excited about, the future potential certainly is.

No one knows yet how big they will become, but it’s easy to see that new flexible screen technology opens up so many possibilities.

And while our mobile phones are likely to be around in their current form for some time to come, the future is looking foldable.

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