Flexible Branding Solutions

At Acante we work in partnership with a local signage company to offer our customers a wide range of quality branding solutions. With options ranging from a small signature logo to complete vinyl coverage, an Acante kiosk becomes a blank canvas for your branding. The vinyl option also gives you the flexibility to rebrand in the future should your application change.

Artwork should be supplied in EPS, we will the supply a mock up proof image for you to confirm that you are happy with its size, look and position.

All Acante kiosks can be powder coated to match any RAL number, giving you the freedom to create the perfect aesthetic by matching the kiosk to its surroundings and to your company brand and colour scheme.

In the case of the Glass, Multi-touch and Apollo kiosks, LED illumination is used to turn your kiosk from a functional device into an eye catching and iconic feature. Again, there are a selection of LED colours available, allowing you to maintain consistency across your brand.

Speak to our Sales team today for more information on our intelligent branding solutions.