Five Tips for Creating Digital Signage Content that Stands Out

The advantages of digital signage are obvious: an enhanced customer experience, increased sales, lower long-term costs, strengthened branding – the list goes on.

However, if you want to get the full benefit of your digital signage, you need to create effective, high-quality content.

Without great content you’ll lose your viewers’ interest, rendering your digital signage a waste of space.

We’ve put together these five tips for creating digital signage content that stands out:

  1. Make your copy clear, concise and active

Our first tip for creating digital signage content that stands out relates to copy.

Text is most effective when it’s short, clear and easy to read. Remember, some people may only look at your digital signage for a few seconds.

Eliminate any unnecessary words and instead focus on a clear call-to-action. This should begin with a verb, such as ‘try’ or ‘download’.

Your call-to-action is the most important part of your message – it’s what will convert viewers into customers.

Consider leaving your call-to-action on screen the whole time, or repeat it several times. Make sure it’s at the forefront of your viewers’ minds.

  1. Get rid of distractions

Cluttered, over-complicated content is difficult to concentrate on and will draw attention away from your core message.

Only use imagery that is relevant to your message. Be careful with attention-grabbing images, like people’s faces. These can easily divert attention.

Avoid using busy patterns or too many different colours. Your content will be most effective with a simple, clean design and text that stands out.

Your viewers need to be able to grasp your message at a glance, so keep this in mind when designing your content.

  1. Consider the length and order of messages

The order messages appear in can have an impact on the way viewers take them in. Your most important messages should appear at the beginning and end of a spot.

Introduce your first message slowly so viewers can absorb it easily. Leave enough time after your last message for viewers to remember it.

Link key concepts and phrases together in chunks – groups of three usually work well. Reinforce important words and phrases by repeating them two or three times in a row.

  1. Use motion and animation carefully

Video can be very powerful in digital signage content, but don’t go overboard.

Again, it’s all about making your content easily comprehensible at a glance. Excessive motion can interfere with this.

Don’t move text around too much, and give viewers enough time to read it. Consider keeping important elements, like your logo, on screen at all times.

If animating an element, choose something with a defined and easily recognisable silhouette.

  1. Keep the design consistent

Another tip for creating digital signage content that stands out is design related.

The overall look of your content is important. If it’s unattractive, people won’t want to look at it!

Your digital signage content is an opportunity to reinforce your brand, so t’s a good idea to choose colours that match your branding or venue.

Keep fonts consistent throughout. Sans serif fonts and large font sizes work best for readability.

Consider the composition of each slide – this may be all a viewer sees, so make sure each one works as a stand-alone poster.

Remember – content is king

So make sure yours stands out!

If you’d like any more information on creating digital signage content that stands out don’t hesitate to give us a call.