Elite Information Kiosk

An ultra thin Touch Screen Information kiosk and Touch screen Internet Kiosk will bring visual impact to any situation. Successful in applications ranging from customer orientation kiosks to e-learning kiosks, this popular design will give your customers the ability to independently find the information that they need through interactive touch screen kiosk systems.

With a footprint of under 0.25 meters squared, this striking kiosk unit is ideal in situations where floor space is limited. Designed and manufactured in-house stainless steel you can be confident that whatever the application, this Kiosk is up to the challenges of a high-use public environment. Acante Kiosks are also designed to be wheelchair friendly in keeping with DDA guidelines.

The Touch screen Information Kiosk and Touch Screen Internet Kiosk can be customised with a range of kiosk peripherals to ensure a best-fit solution for your organisation. Should you require something completely bespoke, Acante also offer a full kiosk solution design service.


  • Improve accessibility
  • Modernise your operating environment
  • Improve the customer service experience


  • Ticketing Kiosk
  • Internet Kiosk
  • Information Kiosk
  • E-learning Kiosks
  • E-payment Kiosks
  • Chip & Pin reader Kiosk
  • Self check in/out Kiosks
  • Customer navigation Kiosks
  • Secure public Internet access Kiosks

Standard Kiosk Specification:

Display: 17″ /19″ / 23″ / 32″ colour LCD
Touch Screen:
Dimensions: 600mm Wide x 1240mm High x 410mm Deep
Finish: Toughened Glass and High Grade Stainless Steel


Available options include: WIFI network connection, Printer, Keyboard, Barcode Reader, Chip & Pin device

Should you require something completely bespoke, Acante also offer a full solution design service.