EEN Ticketing Kiosks

Transactional Kiosks – We all know what it’s like. We are in a hurry to get a ticket for a train that’s just about to leave or a movie that is just about to start. We join a queue, hoping that the transaction in front will be quick. Glance at the watch – queue still not moving. If only we could buy from a kiosk – quick, simple and direct.

Dicoll, based in Reading for over 30 years, has acquired unrivalled expertise in the design and manufacture of bespoke ‘enclosures’ (or kiosks) for electronic equipment. The equipment needs to be safeguarded as its operation is sometimes in challenging environmental conditions ranging from the extremes of temperature and vibration found in airborne or seagoing installations, to the rugged
construction and vandal-resistance demanded by kiosks in unattended
public access areas.

However, it’s a very competitive market, and with cheaper foreign products being imported to the UK,
the business took the decision to expand its customer base and try to market its high quality products

David Watson, MD of Dicoll explained, “The current exchange rate with the euro made this an advantageous time to think about exporting. Coupled with that, it was the right time to grow the business. Crosschannel transport costs have also been reduced recently, which makes exporting more economical, and businesses finally understand the benefit of the kiosks and what they can offer their customers. All in all, it isexactly the right time to think about expanding into Europe.

So, when Dicoll decided to start doing business abroad, they first went to Business Link to discuss the idea. There they met Valerie Pondaven, an Enterprise Europe Network Adviser, who introduced them to the range of services available.

The network’s role is to raise awareness of business opportunities for companies within the EU. It offers
a selection of bespoke services to help businesses develop new products
and access new markets. And the advice is free.

David takes up the story, “The Enterprise Europe Network has played a key role in our business. Work included visiting us in Reading, looking around the factory and conducting some great research about companies in the vertical markets where we wanted to work in France. As a result, we met with two
French companies, and had a very promising outcome with one of them who may be acting as a distributor for us. It certainly helped to have a native French speaker with us during the discussions and negotiations – it also helped to improve the credibility of our business.”

It looks as if business is really looking up for the Reading based company. They are hoping to take on another sales person together with a further employee on design integration over the next few months.

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