Eco-Friendly Kiosk Solutions

Acante are committed to supplying low cost, maximum efficiency Information kiosks, Internet kiosks and Interactive kiosk solutions. Acante’s aim is to use the lowest possible energy to drive the kiosk system whilst ensuring the lowest possible carbon foot print we can through low powered component integration.

Acante have further developed our hugely popular range of kiosks to incorporate the latest in LED & LCD display technology with the most recent mini PC technology to create a kiosk range which will run at more than half the power consumption than that of a conventional kiosk system.

Interest-free Energy Saving Loans

The Carbon Trust offers interest-free loans for energy-efficiency projects. Loans of between £5,000 and £200,000, repayable over a period of up to four years, are available to Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs) in England and Scotland, or all businesses in Wales* that have been trading for at least 12 months. Any project that can demonstrate a minimum energy saving of 2.57 t CO2 per £1,000 of loan (subject to a minimum loan value £5,000) may qualify. Installation and commissioning costs can be included, not just the capital cost of the equipment. The objective is for the energy savings to cover the cost of the project over the course of the loan.

All of our kiosks are built it in the UK at Acante factory in Reading ensuring our high quality engineering and quality standards are retained.

Many of the kiosks have small footprints and are ideal in situations where floor space is limited and as with most Acante kiosks are designed to be wheelchair friendly and usable by children.

Most of our kiosks are manufactured from powder coated mild steel and extruded aluminium in a modular design using the latest technology and manufacturing techniques, offering stylish, well-built functional kiosks at a reasonable pricing. Coupled with the new option to add low powered component integration, Acante kiosks now offer and truly versatile, functional and energy efficient solution.


  • Low power consumption component integration
  • Vastly reduced running costs
  • Low carbon footprint
  • Improved accessibility
  • Stylish & robust design

Most of Acante’s kiosks can now support low powered component integration. Please ask about our other kiosk solutions if the Classic kiosks do not fit your requirements.