Easter Promotions: Maximising Sales with Touchscreen Kiosks

Easter is nearly here, and whether you sell chocolate eggs or not, it’s an excellent opportunity for businesses of all sizes to enjoy a sales boost. One of the best ways to get more sales over this period is to run some seasonal Easter promotions.

If you’ve already got some promotions up and running, you could give your results a boost by making use of touchscreen kiosks. Here are some of the ways you can use kiosks and other screen technology to maximise sales this Easter.

Enhance Your Window Display

One of the best ways to get customers coming through your doors and enjoying your Easter promotions is to entice them in with attractive window displays.

High-street businesses of all shapes and sizes can create Easter displays that will help to increase sales. But try to go beyond decorations, and instead use digital signage to highlight your special offers.

Whether you are running 2-for-1 deals or providing huge discounts on Easter-related products, make sure people know about them. Highlight them on a big screen and make sure everyone can see all the great deals you are running.

Highlight Easter Promotions on Your Kiosks

When you have got people inside and they’re in the mood to buy, help them out by using touchscreen kiosks. Using these kiosks, you can highlight in-store recommendations and promotions to generate an Easter sales boost.

Position a kiosk where anyone can access it with ease, and provide information about your latest promotions. Allow them to interact with the promotions by touching the screen to find out more about them.

Show them the great savings they can make over Easter, and get them excited about the promotions so they don’t miss out.

Reduce Queue Sizes

Once people are inside and exploring your products, help to improve the experience for them by installing touchscreen payment kiosks. These reduce queue times for your customers and make the experience a more positive one. They allow you to serve more people more quickly, which is crucial at busy times of the year.

Encourage Customers to Sign Up for Discounts

You can also use touchscreen kiosks to capture more details about your customers so you can continue to market to them long after Easter is over.

Use touchscreens to capture their details such as their name, email address and telephone number, then encourage them to provide their details in return for an in-store discount.

Build up your list of subscribers and then continue to market to them and encourage them back.

Use Games and Quizzes

Easter is all about fun, so use your touchscreen kiosk to provide your customers with a fun experience like an Easter-related game.

This could be something as simple as choosing an Easter egg and finding out what prize it contains (e.g. a small discount). Customers could then use their Easter promotions immediately.

Get creative and think about fun ways that you can get people to interact with your business using your kiosk.

Boost Sales This Easter

These are a few of the best ways to boost your sales this Easter. If you are running some Easter promotions in your business, make sure people know about them. Use digital signage to attract people inside, then use touchscreen kiosks to highlight your special offers and encourage more people to buy from you.

This can be an excellent time of year to give your sales a boost, so use all the tools in your toolbox to ensure this Easter is a profitable one for your business.

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