Digital Signage vs Touchscreen Kiosks: What’s Best for Your Business?

These days, you can’t go into any shop or restaurant without coming across some kind of screen. As a business owner, you have a few options for using screens. But when it comes to digital signage vs touchscreen kiosks, which is the right option for you?


Here’s a look at these two options, including the benefits of each, so you can better choose between them.


Digital Signage vs Touchscreen Kiosks: An Overview


Digital signage is a form of electronic display, normally involving a fairly large screen, to show videos, photos, text, audio – and anything else you want to. The screen is usually attached to a wall somewhere highly visible so as many customers as possible can view the content.


Touchscreen kiosks, however, introduce an element of interaction. These are not screens that are simply viewed. Whereas a digital sign designed for content consumption, a touchscreen kiosk is designed to be interacted with. Your customers will touch the screen to get information and carry out various operations depending on the purpose of the kiosk.


Why Choose a Touchscreen Kiosk for Your Business?


In the issue of digital signage vs touchscreen kiosks, many businesses are now choosing to use a kiosk. Here are some of the main benefits:


  • Touchscreen kiosks are interactive and engaging, encourage your customers to engage with your brand and providing a more memorable experience.


  • Kiosks can be used to provide helpful and useful information, such as maps for family attractions, details of special offers for a store, or useful information about the surrounding area for a hotel.


  • Kiosks can provide a specific function such as paying for goods or ordering food, so they can help you to get more done without full-time staff, speeding up queueing times and improving the customer experience.


  • Kiosks often get noticed more than digital signage and generate more interest.


  • Because they are interactive, kiosks can be used to gather data that can help you make better business decisions.


Why Choose Digital Signage for Your Business?


When it comes to digital signage vs touchscreen kiosks for your business, there are a few reasons why you might prefer digital signage:


  • Digital signage is ideal if your customers are sitting down or standing and have time to consume your messages and take in the information (e.g. in a restaurant).


  • They are an effective way to highlight special events and offers.


  • You can use them to encourage customers to try new things in your store or on the menu.


  • You can also provide additional information such as how to sign up to a contest.


  • Digital signs require very little maintenance, so once you create the content you can leave it running with little effort.


Questions to Ask Yourself


When you are choosing between digital signage vs touchscreen kiosks, it’s a good idea to ask yourself a few questions.


For a start, what is your primary aim? Is it to share information? To encourage engagement? To provide a specific function? Think about what would have the biggest impact on your business.


If you run a restaurant, do you want to use a screen to provide recommendations? Or a kiosk that can take orders?


Finally, consider the amount of space you have available. Do you have room for a touchscreen kiosk?


Why Not Choose Both?


Because both of these screen technologies are so useful, you may want to choose to have both in your business. With the benefits provided by both digital signage and touchscreen kiosks, you could well find that the best answer is to make use of both of them at the same time.