Psychological reasons behind digital signage success

In order to understand the growing success of digital signage, it helps to look at the psychology behind their attraction for customers.

A 2016 industry report revealed 76% of consumers entered a store based on their attraction to the digital signage. 

75% of people also recommended a store to friends because of the digital signage. 

It’s no wonder that this market is growing exponentially, forecasting to grow 7.3% to £23 billion by 2024. Below are a few reasons why the consumer has really taken to digital signage.

This is an innovative industry

The digital signage industry is multi-functional and because of this, has managed to adapt well to the global pandemic. Having a digital hand sanitiser, for example, in retail stores has helped increase footfall and get customers back into retail shops. 

This helps the consumer feel like their safety is important to the store and shows that Covid-19 restrictions are being adhered to, a cause of concern for many. This is one of many examples of the way digital signage can be used to adapt to the dynamic retail landscape.

Digital signage is a great distraction

Common sense tells us customers do not consider long queues to be a fun part of their retail experience. It’s much more common to see people go into a store, see the queue, and walk back out. 

A 2016 study on queues revealed 69% of customers have described long queues as the most annoying part of shopping. 

As such, visual signs are a great way to distract the customer and reduce the perception of waiting times. The flashier and more exciting the sign, the longer the customer’s attention is on the sign and the less on the queue.

The content is constant and ever-changing

Visual signs are the quickest way to get a message across to your customer in store, and one they will remember. 

A 2015 Microsoft report found that the human attention span had shrunk from 12 seconds in 2000 to 8 seconds in 2013

However, this actually works quite nicely for retailers, in terms of being able to have changing visuals or marketing whilst not overwhelming the customer with too much content.

Digital signage creates a buzzing atmosphere

A flashy, visual display encourages the customer to see what the buzz is about and come into your store. 

Whether you’re trying to show off a new product range or drawing attention to a new promotion, attractive signage willinfluence customer behaviour and ultimately, drive sales.

People prefer self service

This new age of technology has one huge psychological benefit; people are wanting the independence to do things for themselves. 

The online shopping experience of click-and-buy is becoming the new norm. Gone are the days where a customer waits for a store assistant to become available, when a self-service kiosk does exactly the same thing but saves a lot of time.  

As a 2013 study from Zendesk reports “Self-service is the fastest and most cost effective way to customer support’. Self-service digital technology is then the best way to adapt, giving the consumer independence.

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