Measuring the Effectiveness of Digital Signage in Your Business


Digital signage is becoming increasingly common in shops, restaurants, and other businesses. You might be considering using digital signage in your business too. However, before you invest in it, you may be concerned about how you can find out whether it is effective or not.

Here are some ways to measure the effectiveness of your own digital signage so you can find out whether your investment is paying off.

Decide On Your Goals

First of all, it’s important to decide on some goals for your digital signage. Digital signage has lots of benefits, but what do you want it to achieve? More sales is probably high on the list, but you might also want it to make things easier for your customers, to highlight special offers, to improve customer satisfaction and to improve the overall experience.

These are all things to consider when you get digital signage in your business. Once you know what you want to achieve, you’ll have a better idea about how to measure success.

Track Sales Before and After Installing Digital Signage

One simple way to find out whether your digital signage in your business is having an impact on sales is to track them before you install the screens and then track them afterwards. Find out whether there is any difference in sales. If sales go up after you install the signage, there’s a good chance that it is having a positive impact.

This is especially true when you track sales that only apply to digital signage. For example, you could run a special offer on your digital signage but nowhere else in your store or restaurant. If people are ordering this special offer, you know that they are seeing your digital signage.

Ask Customers for Their Feedback

You can also find out a lot by simply asking your customers for their feedback via a short survey. Ask whether they are enjoying your digital signage and get them to fill out a quick survey in return for a discount. Find out whether the signage is having an impact on their experience of your business, and you may be able to find out some interesting insights this way.

Track Online Activity

Another option is to run a social campaign via your digital signage. For example, present a hashtag that people can use to share something on Twitter or link it up to an Instagram campaign. Encourage people to share content on their social channels, and only mention it on your digital signage.

By doing this, you can then track the activity relating to the campaign across social media. This can provide you with a good idea of whether people are taking notice of your digital signage or whether they are ignoring it.

Get the Most from Digital Signage in Your Business

Digital signage offers many benefits for businesses of all sizes, so make sure you get the most out of your own digital signage. Whether that is through more sales or generating more buzz online, track the success of digital signage in your business and make sure you are maximising its potential.

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