Digital Signage for a Small Business: How to Use It in Your Premises

By now you’ve probably seen a lot of digital signage around in large stores, restaurants and at attractions like museums. Screens are everywhere! But as a small business owner, you may be interested in installing signage in your own premises.

The good news is that digital signage for a small business is possible – and it’s easier than ever. Here are the steps to take to install digital signage in your small business in 2019.

Decide on Its Purpose

The first thing you need to decide is why you want to install digital signage in the first place.

While digital signage for small businesses offers many potential benefits, you will only get the most out of it when you decide from the very beginning what you want it to do.

Some of the potential purposes include:

– provide details of special offers

– highlight seasonal products

– encourage customers to sign up to your email list

– improve the overall image of your business

– display your menu

You may want to focus on one of these, or you may have multiple reasons to install a screen. Knowing the primary purpose will help you with your decision-making process.

Choose a Location

Once you know how you want to use your new screens, you need to decide on a location. There are various options to consider:

– On a wall

– Up high near the ceiling

– Next to the counter

– In the window display

It all depends on the purpose of the screen. Indeed, you may want to add screens to multiple locations in your business if this makes sense.

Try to enter the minds of your customers. How are they thinking when they enter your premises? What are they looking for? What would they find useful?

Walk through your store or restaurant, sit down at the tables, and act like a customer. Consider locations where your screen would be easy to view but would not get in the way of their experience.

Visit other similar businesses to yours and experience them as a customer. What do they get right and wrong? Where could you improve?

Choose a Supplier

Once you have thought about all the details, you’ll need to order your screens. This is the easy bit – just come to us!

Wherever you decide to buy your screens, have a look at all the options available including screen sizes, technology, prices and more. And choose a manufacturer with a good track record – you want these screens to last.

When it comes to choosing the right digital signage for a small business, you want it to be an investment – not something you are going to have to upgrade in a couple of years.

Create the Content

Once you’ve chosen your supplier and screens, you need to consider the content. You can ruin the whole experience by including content that is difficult to read or does not engage your customers.

Include text and images, but keep the message simple. If you are displaying prices, make sure they are clear. If you want your customers to take a specific action, make sure there is no confusion.

You may want to hire a specialist to help you with this part, from creating the message to displaying it on your screen.

Once it’s up and running, view it yourself – again, try to think like your customers. Even better, ask your customers for feedback. Is the message clear to them? Are they confused by any part of it?

Keep Evolving

Digital signage is a great way to capture attention and make your marketing messages stand out. But if you keep on showing the same message, it can quickly become stale, and your regular customers may start to ignore it.

So change it up. Consider updating the content monthly – or even weekly. Make sure your customers know that there is always something new and fresh to discover, whether that’s a new meal or your latest special offer.

Digital Signage for a Small Business? You Can Benefit Too

When it comes to digital signage for a small business, it’s easier than ever to take advantage of this technology. You may have some ideas already about how to implement it in your small business. And remember, you can always ask us if you have any questions about how to implement it effectively.

So start looking at the possibilities today, and soon you could be enjoying all the benefits of digital signage in your own business.

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