Digital Signage Content Ideas: 8 Simple Solutions

Having trouble coming up with digital signage content ideas?

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘content is king’. It’s all very well installing digital signage, but if your content falls flat, you won’t see results.

It’s crucial to generate fresh, appealing content to keep your viewers engaged and help convey your message.

But it’s often difficult to find the time to create unique content from scratch. Don’t worry – we’ve got your back.

Here are eight time-saving digital signage content ideas:

Web pages

Most digital signage software will allow you to display specific URLs. This is a great way to find interesting content without having to create it yourself.

You could display pages from your own website to showcase particular products, services or events.

Or you may want to display relevant news, videos, weather information, maps – the possibilities are virtually endless.

Loyalty schemes

Loyalty schemes are a brilliant way to increase engagement.

Encourage viewers to register for your loyalty scheme, then use your digital signage to advertise rewards and competitions available only to members of the scheme.

If people can only access these rewards by viewing your digital signage, they’ll be much more likely to keep their eyes on the screens.

Community news

If you participate in community events or charity activities, use your digital signage to share news of them.

Advertising this information can help encourage viewers to get involved in your community activities, and keep them informed of your ongoing efforts.


If you use digital signage internally, try using pre-existing PowerPoint presentations to share news from around your organisation.

HR is usually a great source of presentations on staff benefits or training, which can be useful and informative for staff.

Or why not share the latest metrics from the marketing department, or revenue stats from finance?


Create profiles of employees, teams or students to highlight recent achievements.

This is a great way to raise morale and motivate people, and will help create an environment that feels friendly and supportive.

Press releases

Press releases are an easy and effective way to share news and keep your audience engaged.

Whether it’s industry news or your own press release, they’re a great source of relevant information – just remember to cite your source.

‘How to’ guides

Establish your digital signage as a useful resource by creating ‘how to’ guides.

The beauty of this is that the options are almost endless. Don’t feel limited to industry-specific guides – get creative and think outside the box.

Think about what people will find interesting and useful. You could feature anything from recipes to DIY tips to health advice.


If you subscribe to any industry magazines, newsletters or associations, use them as a source for your content.

Try sharing articles and research from your industry to help make your content more well-rounded. Again, remember to cite your source.

Digital signage content ideas – a summary

These eight digital signage content ideas should help you create some quality content when you’re short on time.

If you’d like to know more about digital signage content ideas, get in touch with us today – we love to chat.