How to Attract Customers Using Digital Signage at Christmas

The Christmas season is one of the best times of the year to make more sales than ever, but you have to use the right marketing tools and strategies – this is where digital signage can help.

Interactive signage is just one such marketing device, one which can help you to connect with consumers’ festive emotions.

In fact, research shows that you could be able to capture the attention of 70% of local consumers through digital signage.

You can use digital signage to promote your Christmas deals to consumers and capture their attention more effectively than your competitors.

But how do you attract customers using this signage? Read the tips below which wil help you to drive more traffic to your business.


Ways to Attract Customers Using Digital Signage

The following methods can help you to run a successful digital signage Christmas campaign.


Place digital signage both inside and outside your store

Most businesses only place signage on the outside of their premises, and because of this customers miss many of their Christmas deals.  Placing digital boards inside your premises helps to inform consumers of your upcoming Christmas deals and when the time comes to buy, they will remember your offers!


Outsmart your competitors

Competition is very high during the festive season. Therefore you should invest in the best quality digital boards to stand out from competitors. Your deals should be unique and customized so that customers will not forget them any time soon.

For example, include videos and pictures of other happy customers. Show customers what sets your company apart from the competition.


Update content regularly

One of the most crucial aspects of any marketing campaign is the content. Ensure you display relevant and high-quality content.  Invest in flexible and adaptable digital signage software that allows you to update, preset, and format videos and images as you wish.

Furthermore, use content that fits the tone of your brand and is relevant to your target audience. Additionally, the content should be able to connect with your audience’s emotions.


Use interactive digital signage

When customers are using interactive digital signage this is an opportunity to push your Christmas offers and deals. An interactive screen using Augmented Reality technology, which allows customers to visualize items virtually, is an exciting, novel platform where you can place ads.

The best thing about interactive screens is that when a customer is using them their attention is often undivided and so they will be fully engaged with your ads.


Start as early as possible

You should launch your digital signage Christmas campaign as soon as possible to create anticipation among your customers. However, you should devise a clever strategy of introducing your deals so that customers don’t feel like you are being too aggressive.

For example, create a campaign that focuses on current products but provides an update of the upcoming deals.


Increase Christmas Sales with Digital Signage

You can attract customers using digital signage at Christmas if you use the correct strategy. The festive season is a great time for your business to increase sales despite the high levels of competition! Use the methods above to set up successful signage Christmas promotion campaign.

If you’d like to find out more about how digital signage can help you and your company, contact us today and we’d be more than happy to help.