Touchscreens and Tourism: How Digital Kiosks Benefit Travellers

When it comes to touchscreens and tourism, the experience of going on holiday is changing considerably. Technological improvements mean that most people now travel with a smartphone or tablet, but those are not the only screens you’re likely to encounter on your travels – you’re probably going to find yourself interacting with touchscreen kiosks too.


So how do digital kiosks affect the way we travel and what benefits do they bring?


Touchscreen Kiosks at the Airport…


If you’ve visited an airport in the UK in the last year or so, you will no doubt have seen the huge number of touchscreen kiosks greeting travellers upon arrival.


Of course, train travellers have long been able to buy their tickets at kiosks at almost any UK station. They can choose their destination, pay for their journey and receive their paper tickets all in one go. But the airline industry is now doing the same, which means the way you check in to your flight has completely changed.


Most airlines now encourage travellers to check-in online before arriving at the airport. However, the use of kiosks in airports is increasing all the time, and if you arrive at the airport without checking in, you can usually use a touchscreen kiosk to do so by simply entering a few details such as your booking reference.


But what if you have baggage for the hold? Airlines now provide touchscreen kiosks at the airport for bag drop too. If you need to put an item in the hold, you typically go to the kiosks, scan your boarding pass and print off your luggage tag with no humans involved. You then place your suitcase onto the conveyor belt and pick it up on arrival.


…At the Hotel…


When you arrive at your hotel, you may find yourself dealing with a number of touchscreen kiosks. You may find a kiosk to check-in and check-out of the hotel to speed up the process or offer room upgrades, process payments and even issue keycards.


Some hotels may even provide a digital concierge service. Using a kiosk in the lobby, you can find out about nearby restaurants and attractions, get the weather forecast and more to help you enjoy your stay.


…And Visiting Local Attractions!


You’ll also find touchscreens and tourism combined when you head out and about to explore your destinations. Depending on where you go, you may find that touchscreen kiosks are becoming more popular at local attractions.


Visit a theme park and you may come across a kiosk providing a map and details about the rides and events. Visit museums and art galleries and you are likely to come across kiosks providing details about the exhibits (like the ‘Find Your Match’ kiosk at the Museum Of The Dog in New York).


And of course, many restaurants now use touchscreen kiosks so you can order your food and pay for it quickly and conveniently.


Touchscreens and Tourism: The New Way to Travel


Wherever you go and however you travel, you will find that touchscreen kiosks are playing a greater role in the experience. From catching your flight to exploring your destination, you will find yourself increasingly interacting with screens to improve the experience, save time and make travelling more convenient for everyone.