Digital kiosks for car dealerships: How to boost promotion

Digital kiosks for car dealerships are increasingly popular in the automotive industry – and with good reason. 

Indeed, four years ago, an overhaul of Jaguar Land Rover’s Bluewater showroom, with digital kiosks used at the point-of-sale, was widely credited in a significant uptick in sales.

The brand drew plenty of praise, too, for its then innovative use of technology.

In 2021, it is hard to look beyond the benefits that digital kiosks offer car dealerships. In this blog we look at how digital kiosks for car dealerships are used to boost promotion and drive sales.

Leverage powerful visuals with digital kiosks

Boost promotion with digital kiosks for car dealerships by opting for powerful visual content.

By featuring vehicles in large-format videos on your showroom walls, you immediately draw a customer’s attention, and can show off the foremost features of your fleet.

Use videos to highlight the strengths of a vehicle and show it performing at its best, perhaps driving off-road or along winding mountain highways.

Strong, high-quality, imagery can reinforce brand identity and widen a vehicles appeal.

Make use of the versatility of digital kiosks

Digital kiosks are a highly flexible promotional tool, with uses far beyond simply advertising vehicles. Use digital screens to promote offers, such as trade-in and certified pre-owned specials. 

They can be used to upsell service, tires, and roadside assistance programs.

Being digital, kiosks can be updated continuously so the latest offers and services are displayed. 

Customer reviews and images can be incorporated to strengthen brand messaging – in some cases social feeds are shown, giving dealerships an interactive, “always-on” feel.

Elevate productivity by using digital kiosks

Automating tasks and providing information via digital kiosks allows staff and salespeople in a dealership to focus on customer experience and revenue-generating tasks.

By giving customers the opportunity to browse products, book services and submit details independently, workforces are immediately less stretched and able to work more efficiently.

Digital kiosks in staff areas can boost promotion and sales by encouraging healthy competition and business growth.

Use a digital screen to display sales leader board as well as monthly targets, turnover and successes to motivate employees.

Look after customers with digital kiosks

While some car buyers might enjoy haggling with a salesperson, just as many find sales pressure off-putting – even intimidating.

Digital kiosks, interactive screens, and video walls allow your dealership to reach the customers that want to browse and learn, but not necessarily interact with a salesperson.

If they don’t go on to make a purchase, a digital kiosk can allow for data collection, so a follow-up communication can take place.

Other than petrol-heads, many customers will be lacking in knowledge when it comes to the precise mechanical details or the service options available or required.

Digital kiosks can provide essential information to buyers without overwhelming them, and in digestible formats.

Digital kiosks can create a smooth-running dealership experience for customers. Welcome kiosks allow customers to quickly check-in, reduce wait times, and enter the sales funnel before even interacting with a salesperson.

Digital kiosks for car dealership: Boost promotion

We have only touched on the potent impact digital kiosks for car dealerships can have.

They offer numerous means of promoting vehicles to customers and can directly both customer experience and sales.

To find out how our digital screens can benefit your dealership, or to discuss our bespoke offerings, don’t hesitate to get in touch.