How to Effectively use Digital Kiosks at Events

Events of any scale or size can benefit from using digital kiosks in a number of ways. 

From basic information services to more complex tasks such as registration and check-in, having access to a digital kiosk allows you to ensure your event runs smoothly and provides an enjoyable experience for everybody involved. 

  • Registration and Self-Service Check-Ins.

Many events require their guests to register or check-in as they arrive. 

This can be time-consuming and laborious when you’re relying on paper systems alone. 

A well designed, user-friendly touch screen interface allows guests to check-in themselves, without having to queue or deal with physical paperwork. 

Many large-scale expos, business conferences and conventions have already benefitted from using digital check-ins to reduce waiting times and streamline their registration process. 

  • Directions and Safety Information

Another common use for digital kiosks at events is as a means of providing key information to visitors. 

Interactive maps allow users to acclimatise to their surroundings and get a feel for the venue as soon as they arrive. 

Things like fire exits, bathroom facilities and directions around the event can all be provided on screen. 

This means hard copy printing can be kept to a minimum and guests can refer to a kiosk whenever they need to.

  • Entertainment and Content

As the quality of digital kiosks continues to improve, many event organisers are using them for more than just basic digital signage or information sources. 

Many kiosks now have the capacity to display videos, interactive games and more. 

For events that run all day, offering guests the option to entertain themselves or enjoy some content can provide some welcome respite and a change of pace. 

Similarly, product-based events and expos can utilise digital kiosks to display any promotional content the manufacturers may wish to share with interested attendees. 

This kind of interaction is often far more appealing than a traditional presentation as it gives each user an increased sense of control and a more personal experience. 

  • Incorporating Digital Kiosks into Presentations. 

Improvements in the quality of touch screen and display technology mean that digital kiosks can now be used as a central part of any presentation you plan to deliver at an event. 

Whether you’re planning to showcase a new app or deliver a lecture, utilising digital kiosk technology means you can keep your audience engaged. 

App and game developers can allow interested customers to try out their products for themselves in real-time. 

This approach is particularly effective at events where there are likely to be multiple displays and stands for visitors to explore. 

  • Data Capture 

Collecting email addresses and other contact information from event attendees can be a great way of compiling a reliable database of potential customers. 

Digital kiosks at events that are used for registration and sign up can also be used to gather information that can be used for marketing purposes. 

Providing you are adhering to GDPR regulations and clearly explain how any information will be used, this can be a simple and effective alternative to capturing data via paper sign up lists or blanket emails. 

How to effectively use Digital Kiosks at Events: Conclusion

Using digital kiosks at events have a variety of advantages, and can make a big positive impact on visitors, as well as help you to gather data.

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