Different Ways to Mount Digital Signage

Did you know there are lots of various ways to mount digital signage, such as TV and touchscreens? It’s not all about direct wall panel mounting.

Just like your TV at home, digital signage can be erected using a rear mount, rack mount or even via a scissor-like pull out arm.

What exactly are we talking about? Read on where we explain further…

Rack mount digital signage

A great idea if you don’t have a lot of space in your business venture (this is perfect for small galleries, museums etc).

This is because the screen can be fitted securely into a rack on a waist high tower, for instance.

At home, it can be used fit into cabinets for security monitoring etc.

This type of digital panel can also be supplied with handles for easy manoeuvre purposes (especially if it’s a tower mount)

Rear mount digital signage

A flat panel screen with brackets at the sides, the rear mount display hangs onto the wall at the back.

This is achieved by securing the brackets. Those who prefer a wall mounted screen can simply remove the brackets and hang it directly.

Panel mount digital signage

This is when a screen is inserted into a cabinet or other display-type unit directly from the front. Mostly used for touch screen displays, there are no user control visible since they can all be found sitting on the back of the panel.

Here at Acante we have recently introduced a front side panel wall mount.

This is ideal for those who don’t have back access to the screen since they can simply slot the screen in and secure it from the front using M3 screws.

A roller catcher system provides a professional flush finish.

Cost, tidiness and durability of mount

Of course, there are other aspects to consider when mounting a screen. These include how much you want to pay, where the cables are going to go, and how easy it will be to access it for the majority of people.

As with most products, you can expect more expensive mounts to be more secure, provide more options and to last longer.

If you are buying your mount for commercial reasons ie where it will be used by the general public (over whom you typically have no control) then it’s probably best opting for an expensive mount as it will be more robust.

A more expensive mount will also be easier to fit. This means no specialist tools are usually required and, in a commercial set-up where many screens are being added, labour costs should be much lower.

A costlier mount should also be easier to manoeuvre over time – especially handy when it comes to refurbishment or redecoration purposes.

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