Designing a Digital Signage Marketing Strategy: 6 Simple Steps

Designing a digital signage marketing strategy is the first step in leveraging the marketing power of your digital screens.

Digital signage can be an incredibly effective marketing tool. In fact, 63% of consumers report that digital signage attracts their attention.

So how do you make sure your digital signage has the desired effect? Here are six simple steps to designing a digital signage marketing strategy:

Identify your goals

Your digital signage should do more than just look good – it should have a useful purpose.

Think about what you want to achieve with your digital signage. Are you trying to drive sales? Communicate your news? Maybe you’re trying to increase social media engagement?

Whatever you’re trying to do, set yourself clear goals, decide how you’ll measure your success and give each goal a deadline.

Choose the perfect location

No matter how good your marketing strategy is, your digital signage won’t do much good if no one sees it.

Use your goals to help you decide where to position your digital signage, and think about how your audience will behave when they view it.

For example, if you’re trying to get customers to join a loyalty scheme, you might place a screen near the tills. When customers queue, you’ll have a captive audience.

Create targeted, engaging content

Without effective content, your digital signage will be close to useless.

The right content can help to reinforce your brand identity, communicate your messages and foster relationships with your audience.

Think about who your audience is when designing your content, and target it to them. Include clear calls-to-action and make sure it’s visually appealing.

For more tips on creating effective digital signage content, check out this blog post.

Get a range of perspectives

When designing a digital signage marketing strategy, don’t go it alone. Sometimes it takes a fresh perspective to judge whether something works.

Ask for feedback from as many different people as you can before launching your digital signage content.

This will help you identify any design issues or areas that need improvement, and ensure your content has the desired effect on your audience.

Measure your success

You can track digital signage metrics to a certain extent. You might do this by offering unique promo codes or URLs exclusively via your digital signage.

You could also see if there’s a noticeable change in social media engagement after launching your digital signage strategy.

Measuring how your audience is interacting with your digital signage will help you ascertain the effectiveness of your content and make adjustments to maximise ROI.

Review and update regularly

Review and adjust your digital signage regularly to make sure it stays relevant, effective and engaging.

Regular changes will help keep your audience’s attention – they’ll soon lose interest if it stays the same for too long.

Use the feedback and metrics you gather to refine your digital signage marketing strategy for the best possible results.

Designing a digital signage marketing strategy: a summary

Designing a digital signage marketing strategy will help you engage your audience and get the best possible ROI from your digital signage.

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