O2 Hot Desking Kiosks

02 Telefonica opened its new offices in Slough in November 2009. The new offices were designed to create a high profile image and to accommodate staff from other buildings into one site. The building uses high end, cutting edge technology to ensure that employee time is used effectively and productivity is maximised.

A major part of the overhaul was the need to accommodate more people at the new offices on an adhoc basis. 02 needed to ensure that when employees arrived they would be able to both select and retain desk space as and when it was needed using their 02 ID cards.


02 chose the Acante 17″ Glass Kiosk as the ideal solution to enable them to run their workspace software and to allow employees to book desks as required upon arrival.

02 favoured the Glass Kiosk as it provided a high quality, aesthetically pleasing solution that would be a perfect fit for their new environment which contains a lot of glass and stainless steel. The illuminated option and frosted logo further enhanced the corporate look and feel of the kiosk.

In order to incorporate the functionality of the 02 identity cards, Dicoll fitted each of the kiosks with close proximity card readers allowing employees to position their card close to the kiosk to activate the software. The software then identifies the employee and allocates a suitable hot desk.

Furthermore, 02 were then able to track the usage of desks within the building, understand employee movements over periods of time and adapt accordingly to maximise the use of space and hot desking within 02.

Acante supplied 02 with over 20 of the 17″ Glass Kiosks with integrated close proximity card readers to their new offices in Slough.

To date the roll out of the workspace hot desking software solution has proven incredibly successful and allows employees to book office space as and when required.

02 are continuing to improve the hot desking software to ensure it provides a smooth and effective service.

02 are keen to roll out more kiosks to other buildings in the near future.