Content Tools for Digital Signage

When it comes to creating dazzling content for your digital signage there are lots of tools to help you do just that. Whether it’s impressive images, tried-and-trusted templates or a clever content management system, we have the lowdown on some of the best right here: 

Impressive images online

Nothing sells a digital sign better than a stunning image. You know what it’s like when waiting at the tube or bus stop, it’s the image of the cute dog that grabs you, rather than the words.

Images can cost a lot of money, of course. But they don’t have to, there are plenty of free image sites out there.

And others that, if they’re not free exactly, they may as well be (so inexpensive is it to buy a bundle of snaps). Some of the best free image sites on the market right now include Pixabay and StockSnap.

Moving image sites are even more arresting, of course. And the biggest and best is YouTube, although Coverr is pretty big, too. If your digital signage software allows you to embed a YouTube video then you’ll be able to access millions of videos to enhance your digital messages.

Time-saving content templates

It’s too time-consuming to have to create a brand-new template every time you want to put out a message on your digital signs.

Also, it may be an emergency message you want out there immediately. No wonder then so many digital signage software packages come with a huge variety of inbuild content templates.

Just make sure the templates are the type you can see yourself using before you buy. For instance, do they allow you to add several images or just the one? How much of a word count can you use? Is it possible to embed a video? etc.

Google Slides is a popular free content template software offering, and where you’ll find numerous different layouts to choose from. Yet another is Canva.

Clever content management system

Last, and probably most important of all for creating digital signage messages, is a good content management system (CMS). That means a system which allows you to upload and change content at will – and, importantly, wherever you want.

We don’t mean if you’re at home or in the office (although, yes, remote monitoring would be extremely handy). No, we’re talking here about being able to display different messages at separate locations, relevant to particular audiences. A local authority, for instance, will want to put messages about upcoming book events and talks on its library monitor screens, but tenants getting help with council tax and rent payments is more suitable for its local housing offices.

Get in touch!

There are, of course, plenty of other content tools for digital signage around. Many of the free software templates don’t allow you to add corporate signage so it’s worth checking out beforehand. Some of the free image sites also want you to attribute whoever the image belongs to (again, is this what you want? Or would you prefer to pay for images?) These are all questions that are worth discussion beforehand.

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