Contactless Payment: Why Your Business Needs It Now

The way people pay for things is constantly changing, and contactless payment is now becoming increasingly popular.

If you’re considering getting a self-service payment kiosk, you might want to consider a kiosk that includes a contactless payment option.

Here are a few ways your business can benefit from contactless payment.

Customers now expect a contactless payment option

One of the main reasons to provide contactless payments is simply that customers now expect to be able to pay this way. If they’re ready to pay but they don’t have the option to use their preferred method, they might find the experience frustrating.

Contactless payments are still relatively new, but customers have quickly become used to them. There are already over 100 million contactless cards in the UK, and mobile phone payments are also becoming more popular.

If your business doesn’t have a contactless option, it might hurt your image and send customers elsewhere.

Speed up the buying process

Contactless is quick and easy for customers, allowing them to pay easily without any assistance. It’s much faster than having to enter a PIN or sign a receipt, and this speeds up the buying process without the need to hire more staff.

As well as providing a better experience for customers, it can also help prevent long queues from forming. Customers might give up and leave if they have to queue for too long.

By providing a faster and simpler service, you’re creating a better customer experience, so there’s a better chance your customers will return.

Encourage customers to spend more

When you only accept cash, people are limited to spending the money they have on them. However, when you accept contactless payment, people can spend more money far more easily.

This could lead to an increase in what customers spend.

Inspire impulse purchases

Because of the fast and convenient nature of contactless payments, you might see more customers coming into your store to make quick impulse purchases.

When they know they can use their contactless card, they might be more likely to pop in quickly because they don’t have to go through the hassle of inserting their PIN.

By not offering a contactless payment option, you are quite simply missing out on sales.

Provide a better service than your competitors

Around three million of Britain’s small businesses still don’t accept card payments. With one in six shoppers now using only card to pay, this is a bad decision and one that can hurt your profits.

However, the fact that other businesses don’t accept card payments, and especially contactless payments, could be good for you.

It means you can easily stand out from your competition and encourage more customers to buy from you.

Boost your business by going contactless

These are a few reasons why you should consider a contactless payment option when you invest in a self-service payment kiosk.

As more people choose to pay using contactless cards, you can provide a better service to your customers and encourage more sales by going contactless.

We have a range of solutions for self-service kiosks that include contactless payment, so ask us about these and we’ll be happy to help.