Choosing a Kiosk Provider: What to Look For

You may already know the many benefits of self-service kiosks for businesses – but how do you go about choosing a kiosk provider?

Here are a few of the key considerations you need to keep in mind when making your decision to ensure you end up with the right kiosks for your business.

Wide range of kiosks

Kiosks come in all different shapes and sizes (just take a look at all the options we provide at Acante!) These include:

  • Freestanding touch screen kiosks
  • Interactive kiosks that boost efficiency
  • Internet kiosks
  • Wall-mounted kiosks
  • Biometric kiosks

… and more!

You might need a specific type of kiosk, or you might be looking for a selection of kiosks. Make sure you choose a company that can provide you with exactly what you need.

Bespoke kiosk options

One thing that is worth considering when choosing a kiosk provider is kiosks that run on bespoke software.

Every business is different and has unique needs. Sometimes an off-the-shelf solution is fine, but sometimes you need something unique to your own operations.

Bespoke kiosk software can solve this problem for you, and bespoke kiosks also offer excellent branding opportunities.

A provider responsible for the entire process

It’s often a benefit to use a kiosk provider that has full control over the manufacture and assembly process. This can have many benefits.

For a start, it means your provider will have control over issues such as the choice of components, and you might prefer to work with a company that sources components from UK suppliers.

Having full control can lead to higher standards and faster production, and it also leads to a close relationship with the supply chain.

A provider who welcomes your input

No matter which type of kiosk you need for your business, you should always have a strong say in the final product.

For example, we welcome your input at Acante. You are welcome to come in and look around our office, use the kiosks and find out about the status of your order.

We prefer this approach to building the kiosks. It gives you more control and ensures the end product is exactly what you’re looking for, and it helps to build trust because nothing is being hidden.

Experience with big-name clients

The fact that a provider has worked with large clients is not a prerequisite to choosing a kiosk provider, but it does help to know that they have worked with important companies who trust them.

For example, we’ve worked with well-known companies like Vodafone, O2 and Toyota, all of which trust us with their kiosks.

A great reputation

Finally, reputation is something that matters when it comes to choosing a kiosk provider. You don’t want to risk such an important product with a provider that doesn’t boast an excellent reputation.

You need to know that the investment you’re making is a good one, and you can only do this when a provider has proven they have what it takes to make their customers happy repeatedly over many years.

Choosing a kiosk provider? Start here

These are some of the main factors you need to keep in mind when choosing a kiosk provider, and we hope they help you make your decision.

Of course, at Acante we provide all of the above and more, so we’d be delighted to help you with your own kiosk needs. Give us a call any time, and we look forward to hearing from you!