CES 2019: Top Exciting Tech from This Year’s Show


CES 2019, the biggest consumer tech show on the planet that is held in Las Vegas every year, has been and gone. This year, we’ve been spoilt by the sheer variety of amazing gadgets on display at the Consumer Electronics Show that are set to shape the tech landscape over the coming 12 months.

But what were the standout items on display? Here’s a look at the very best of this year’s show.

Royole FlexPai

Finally, the world has its first foldable smartphone in the Royole FlexPai. It’s not small and sleek, but it does boast a large flexible display and can be used as both a smartphone and a tablet.

It is far from refined, and it is unlikely to drive people away from their iPhones anytime soon, but it shows that the technology is now there – and that’s exciting.


TVs are always on show at CES, and this year was no exception. There were a number of eye-catching TVs on display, but LG’s OLED TV R was the one that really stood out.

This 65-inch OLED TV rolls away into its soundbar when not in use, saving space in the living room. It can even use just a small section of the screen to display photos or the time.

Withings Move ECG

Tech is playing a bigger role in health every year, and the Move ECG from Withings shows what it is now capable of. It has now added an ECG to its fitness-tracking devices. And while the Apple Watch now does this, the price is just $130 making it more affordable than ever. It also looks great!

Bell Nexus

The reality of the flying car is getting closer and closer, and airborne commuting is no longer just a sci-fi fantasy. A number of companies including Uber have teamed up to create the Nexus, a flying taxi. It can carry up to four passengers, and Uber is hoping it will help it to launch its flying service within a few years.


The BreadBot caught the eye of a lot of visitors to CES 2019. Made by Wilkinson Baking Company, the futuristic-looking breadmaker is described as a fully automated bread baking tool that its makers say will ‘revolutionize the bread industry’.

It can produce up to 10 loaves every hour, and while not designed for the home kitchen, it could be a big hit in supermarkets and shops.

Other Items of Interest

These were just a few of the major products that stood out at CES 2019, but there were many more that deserve at least a mention.

Like the FoldiMate, a robot that folds laundry automatically! It folds 25 pieces of laundry in under five minutes – which could even put Marie Kondo to shame! While it has a few limitations (like baby clothes and sheets), it works for most items and could be a godsend for anyone who seems to spend half their day folding clothes.

Or the Lime-S Gen 3 e-scooter, the third generation of the company’s dockless scooters that is better in every way. It travels further on a charge and has better suspension, making e-scooters more desirable than ever.

What Caught Your Eye at CES 2019?

So, did anything take your fancy at CES 2019? While many of the items on display will no doubt die a sudden death and never be heard of again, some of them will turn into bestsellers. And some may even change our lives forever.