Internet Kiosks

    An Internet Kiosk allows the public to browse the internet which can either be free of charge, pay as you go, wirelessly connect, floor mounted or wall mounted.

    These kiosks can be supplied as a free tool or driven by a payment system be it through coins, notes or a debit/credit card.

    This enables the public to access their emails, check online banking, make travel arrangements, check social networking sites, lookup tourist information and many other online applications.

    Access internet on the go
    Allows for multiple payment options
    Can appeal to all age ranges
    Can be used in various industries


  • BEK01

    The BEK01 (Biometric Enrolment Kiosk) offers a world-beating complete self-registration solution for VISA applications and immigration identification with options for client-defined customisation in an
  • Infokiosk

    This super slim and cost effective kiosk comes with a 23″ Projective Capactive screen with multi touch, this new design will ensure your customers
  • Apollo

    The Apollo Kiosk is a new distinctive range with LED illumination combining all the versatility to interact with a whole host of information resources
  • Ellipse

    The Ellipse Kiosk is a free standing sleek, slim kiosks designed to fit easily and comfortably into any in-door location. The Ellipse kiosk offers
  • Tank S2 Head

    Acante have created the Tank S2 as a robust and secure kiosk which has been built for reliability. The Tank S2 is a versatile
  • InfoWall

    The InfoWall is a brand new sleek wall mounted kiosk which would make the perfect information kiosk for a variety of environments. With its
  • Fortuna

    The Fortuna Kiosk is manufactured to the highest quality. The Fortuna is manufactured from powder coated mild steel with an attractive and modern toughened
  • 23″ Classic

    The 23″ Classic Kiosk has a 1920 x 1080 high definition screen and durable capacitive touch screen. Manufactured from powder coated mild steel and
  • Tank S2 Head & Base

    Acante have created the Tank S2 as a robust and secure kiosk which has been built for reliability. The Tank S2 is a versatile
  • 32″ Multi-Touch Kiosk

    Acante now offer their 32″ (1920 x 1080) large format Multi-Touch kiosk with 6 point Multi-touch touch screen. The integration of the very latest
  • Hyperion

    The Hyperion is a new range of sleek slim kiosks designed to look discreet and elegant in every environment. The Hyperion Kiosk can host
  • 23″ Glass

    The 23″ Glass kiosk will bring visual impact to any situation. Successful in applications which require customer orientation kiosks to e-learning kiosks, this popular