• Biometric

    Using accurate biometric identification to deliver an automated, personalised user experience. A Biometric Kiosk recognise and uniquely identify an individual and then use that information to take actions assigned to that user. Secure, accurate, reliable and trustworthy.
  • Classics

    Our most popular range manufactured from powder coated mild steel and extruded aluminium in a modular design. With a small footprint this unit is ideal in situations where floor space is limited.
  • Digital Signage

    Digital Signage is a popular alternative to traditional marketing approaches of posters and signs. It can easily guide or provide visitors with critical information, while also able to entertain customers to bring them to make a certain purchasing decision.
  • Glass

    Our most stylish, modern and desirable kiosk is the Glass Range. With its easy to use design, this range is ideal for high traffic environments from providing interaction at museums and galleries to offering information within shopping centres and corporate
  • Info Range

    Info Range
  • Screens

    Screens have been used for many years now to interact with customers, visitors and more in order to convey specific messages, relay information and allowing access to the internet.
  • Temperature Screening

    Your employees, customers, partners and suppliers are your biggest asset. We will help you protect them.
  • Transactional

    Transactional kiosks such as the Bravo or the Apollo kiosk utilise modular designs allowing them to provide users with complete E-payment revenue solution kiosks, incorporating secure collection of note and coin tender, and if required a Chip & Pin reader