Business Branding Tips for 2018: 5 Ideas for the Coming Year

The business world is becoming increasingly competitive, and businesses must adapt if they want to get ahead. Part of this involves branding your business effectively. But branding trends are constantly changing – so what should you be doing to get ahead of the competition this year? Here are our top five business branding tips to focus on in 2018.

1. Provide instant answers with chatbots

People want instant answers when they’re online. No one wants to wait around for information, and it’s becoming increasingly evident that businesses must provide the information their customers need when they need it.

It’s difficult to manually provide your customers and prospects with answers all the time – and that’s where chatbots come in useful.

Chatbots are still something of a novelty, but they’re already proving to be highly effective. They’re always available and always ready to answer questions and provide useful information.

When set up correctly, a chatbot will reflect your brand’s tone while interacting with prospective customers. For example, your chatbot might have a humorous or even cheeky tone. This can create a positive experience for your customers, making chatbots well worth experimenting with on platforms like Facebook Messenger.

2. Develop your video strategy

When it comes to business branding tips, videos should be considered essential. The phenomenal growth of video marketing is due to faster internet speeds and the prevalence of smartphones, and any company that wants to get ahead this year should have a video marketing strategy up and running.

Video can be used to show off your brand and connect with your targets while representing who you are and what you stand for. You therefore need to make a lot of effort to get the right tone in your videos.

Whatever tone you’re going for, always make sure your videos are shareable. You want to encourage as many people as you can to share and view your videos on Facebook, YouTube and other sites. For that reason, you need to make your videos fun, informative and engaging.

3. Create personalised content

Personalised content is nothing new, but it’s set to become even more important during 2018. The general rule is that the more personalised the content, the better. So how do you go about this?

One way is to get users to create an account on your site and then sign in every time they visit. This way, you can encourage them to sign in to get content tailored to them, and then target them with content based on their browsing history.

If you provide content more suited to them, they’re more likely to return for more. You can also send them emails that contain personalised content to increase open rates and click-through rates.

4. Create an experience

When considering the best business branding tips for 2018, remember that it’s all about the customer experience. If you have a physical location, like a store, a hotel or a restaurant, focusing on the experience is a great way to stand out from your competition.

These real-world experiences have a big effect on brand perception, and there is a need to differentiate your physical space from the competition and provide something unique.

There are many ways to develop your environment, and one of the most effective is to use touchscreen kiosks. These can be used to welcome guests, provide information at all hours that’s personalised for your brand, and ensure your customers always get useful, helpful content.

You could allow your visitors to make a purchase in your store, highlight the latest special offers, check-in when they arrive at the hotel – the possibilities are virtually endless.

5. Be genuine

Finally, and most importantly, be genuine. The rise of fake news has been a big story this year, and people are more likely to question what you’re saying as a result.

Your customers want you to be genuine, so always focus on being honest and real, and reflect this in everything you do.

Focus on these business branding tips in 2018

These are some of the most important branding tips that you can focus on in 2018. As we head into the new year, think about where your branding efforts are right now, and consider how you can improve them in the months ahead. The companies that get their branding right are the ones that will get ahead – so make sure you’re among them!