How to Boost Your Restaurant Sales with a Touchscreen Kiosk

Every restaurant wants to know how to get more people through the door and make more sales. If you are trying to figure out how to boost your restaurant sales, have you considered a touchscreen kiosk?

These are cropping up in more and more places – not just in restaurants – and they have the ability to increase your sales. Here are some of the ways your restaurant could benefit.

Speed Up Order Times

A touchscreen kiosk in your restaurant can help you to literally take more orders – and make more sales as a result.

Ordering at the counter can take a long time, and you might only have one or two employees free. Queues can form as a result and some people might go elsewhere rather than wait.

Add a kiosk and it could make things twice as fast. Add a few kiosks and you could find that your orders increase dramatically.

Improve the Customer Experience

Kiosks can also make a general improvement in the overall customer experience, which is crucial when you’re considering how to boost your restaurant sales.

Less queueing means people can make their orders faster and get their food sooner with less waiting around. By making it a positive experience, you will increase the chance of repeat custom as people will be more likely to return to your restaurant.

Highlight Special Offers and Upsell

Kiosks are perfect for upselling. You can use them to display a tempting addition to the menu at the very moment your customers are making their orders. This makes it incredibly easy for them to add the item on impulse.

Sometimes your serving staff may feel uncomfortable offering extras, or they may just forget.

Your kiosks could also highlight special offers and one-time deals, making them look tempting with persuasive language and images. Again, this is something that your staff might be uncomfortable with doing themselves.

Increased Order Sizes

McDonald’s has recently revealed that people buy more from kiosks than from people, and as a result, it is planning to increase its kiosks across the USA.

One reason for this is that people tend to linger around the kiosk for longer, and they order more. Also, when ordering face to face, some people may be uncomfortable ordering more items because they may feel like they are being judged. But machines don’t judge.

So if you want to know how to boost your restaurant sales, a kiosk could help to increase order sizes.

Save on Staffing Costs

Not only can you make more sales with a kiosk, but you can also save money on running your business. While a touchscreen kiosk obviously involves a significant investment, you have to compare it to the cost of hiring staff.

Kiosks work tirelessly 24/7. They don’t get sick, and they don’t go on holiday. You could also invest that money in other ways, such as hiring the same amount of staff but giving them more productive roles.

They could help people to make their orders at the kiosks, or they could simply greet customers and make them feel welcome.

Improve Your Branding

It’s also likely that there are other ways you can increase your sales indirectly. By investing in kiosks that are easy to use and which look great, you are demonstrating that you care about the customer experience and that you are aware of the latest trends.

Because kiosks are not used everywhere yet, you will help your restaurant to stand out from the competition, and it can also help to improve your brand image. This could generate more customers and lead to more repeat customers.

How to Boost Your Restaurant Sales? A Kiosk Is One Option

A touchscreen kiosk can take your restaurant to new levels and modernise the experience for your customers. It can speed up taking orders, increase order size and save money on staffing costs.

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