How Bill Payment Kiosks Are Solving a Common Problem

We’re often talking about new and novel ways that touch screen kiosks are being put to use in our daily lives. From self-service beer to self-service food, kiosks are increasingly performing useful functions and providing greater convenience for us. Now one utility company in America is using bill payment kiosks to help customers with a common problem – paying their bills on time.

The Problem

Many people who pay their bills are on a budget, and a missed payment can be a big problem when it comes to paying the electricity bill. This is also the case for the Alabama Power Company in the USA, as reported here.

Many customers are only able to pay in cash, and they do not want to use the website to pay their bills for multiple reasons. But at the same time, they find it difficult to visit the company’s offices to make their payments – especially during office hours.

This makes paying their bills a challenge, and many customers end up waiting at the offices before opening time and forming lines to pay their bills before going to work.

The Solution: Bill Payment Kiosks

The answer came in the form of self-service bill payment kiosks. The Alabama Power Company wanted to make it easier for its customers to pay their bills, and it decided that it could use self-service kiosks to help people pay their utility bills in cash at a time that suited them.

Kiosks are often associated with contactless payments, making it quicker to buy things in stores and restaurants. But kiosks can also take cash payments, and once the kiosks were installed, customers suddenly had a much easier way to pay their bills.

They could visit a kiosk at any time and pay in cash, and their payment would be processed automatically – just like if they paid in the office.

Increased Convenience for Customers

The company added the kiosks near to the offices that had the most traffic, and it installed them over a few months. Later on, it added even more kiosks, this time outdoor drive-through kiosks that operate 24/7.

Customers can also pay by cheque at the kiosks, and soon they will have the option of paying by card too. Where the kiosks are located in the offices, employees are available to provide instructions.

The introduction of the kiosks follows on from other strategies adopted by the utility company, such as allowing people to pay their bills in stores like Walmart when they do their shopping.

People Becoming More Comfortable with Kiosks

The report also notes that people are becoming more familiar with bill payment kiosks. A few years ago, people may have been warier, but now they are happy to use the kiosks.

This shows that as new technology improves, the use of touchscreen kiosks for all sorts of operations is likely to increase.

An Example of Kiosks Providing Solutions

The bill payment kiosks being used in Alabama are a good example of how new technology can be put to use to solve an old problem. While we may associate kiosks with contactless payments and providing us with new and more convenient ways to order food and drink, they can also make life more convenient for people who simply want to pay their bills on time.

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