Benefits of Installing an Outdoor Kiosk: A Guide

Considering the benefits of installing an outdoor kiosk?

The digital kiosks we produce are advanced pieces of technology. But that doesn’t mean they need to be stored safely away indoors.

Increasingly, clients are looking for kiosks that function just as well outside as inside, for a range of reasons. Indeed, the benefits of installing an outdoor kiosk can be significant in a number of industries. 

In this blog we look as some of the different ways digital kiosk in outdoor settings can make an impact

Always on – 24/7 accessibility, whatever the weather

With an outdoor kiosk, the end of the working day doesn’t have to mean the end of business. 

There are numerous industries where customers may seek to purchase a service outside of the regular nine to five.

Rather than miss out on potential sales, an outdoor kiosk allows consumers to access a service outside of operating hours. For example, an attraction can sell tickets for the next day, after the employee-manned vending stations have closed.

Outdoor kiosks are highly durable. Business owners need to be certain they are safe from tampering, and of course, the elements.

This means an outdoor kiosk provides a physical sales touch point and creates a space where a customer can engage with a brand at any time of the day, or night.

Cut the queue with outdoor kiosks

A long line snaking out of shop is a real turn-off for customers. 

In other settings, such as a train station, over-crowding indoors with lots of travellers queueing to purchase tickets is a best frustrating, and at worst potentially dangerous (in the light of the Covid-19 pandemic).

By providing outdoor kiosks alongside an indoor service option, customers can make a purchase without having to enter a possibly busy enclosed space and cut queue times – improving their overall experience.

Interactive kiosks are often lauded for the increase in efficiency they bring to customer transactions and this is a prime example of this.

Outdoor kiosks are hugely versatile

The performance specifications and technology used in digital kiosks continues to grow at a staggering rate.

We wrote recently about the powerful impact artificial intelligence is having on the kiosk industry. 

While some of that tech yet to become uniform, many kiosks allow for a broad range of functionality, including wayfinding tools, internet access, QR scanners and even security cameras. 

Whatever field your business operates in, there’s a reasonable chance an outdoor kiosk may be capable of serving specific functions tailored to your clients’ needs.

Outdoor kiosks offer a digital signage solution

As well as performing interactive functions, digital kiosks can drive business without even being used.

While idle, kiosks can display special offers, images of the latest products or essential travel update depending on the setting.

Whether this catches the eye of a new customer – or helps someone get home safely – it’s a simple and effective way to build real-life brand interaction.

The benefits of installing an outdoor kiosk

We’ve only scratched the surface in this article: the benefits of installing an outdoor kiosk are numerous in a broad variety of settings and industries.

If you’re considering whether an outdoor kiosk might benefit your business, why not check out our top three things to consider before investing, or get in touch for a no-obligation chat.