Airport Kiosks

Airport Kiosks – Information Kiosks and the demands for interactivity within airports and the requirements for access to more and more services online have resulted in the use of airport kiosks to deliver interactive touch screen information services via kiosk based technology.

Dependent upon the services required, kiosks have become the ideal solution to deliver ticketing, online services, passport control functions, biometric solutions and many other time saving solutions.

Acante have been supplying touch screen information kiosks and touch screen solutions for over 10 years having now deployed thousands of touch screen Information kiosks, touch screen Internet Kiosks and touch screen Wall Mount Kiosks across the UK, Europe and Worldwide.

Touch screen Information kiosks have been used for many years to interact with customers and visitors in order to convey specific messages, relay information and allow public access to the internet.

Touch screen information kiosk technology has improved dramatically in recent years with the introduction of larger touch screens, more powerful PC technology and the greater accuracy within the touch screen itself.

Acantes Interactive kiosks are ideal as airport kiosks and are designed to incorporate a multitude of peripherals including chip & pin, coin mechanisms, note validators, colour printers, biometric readers and many other options.

Acante have a range of Interactive kiosks including our Bravo Kiosk and Apollo Kiosk. This range of Touch screen Interactive Kiosks, Touch screen Information Kiosks and Touch Screen ticketing kiosks are designed with versatility in mind allowing customers to interact with a whole host of information resources through 17\\\” or 19\\\” capacitive touch screens. Add on a vandal resistant IP65 sealed keyboard & tracker ball and you have an Internet access Kiosk that can operate via wireless LAN or static point.

Transactional kiosk like the Bravo kiosk or the Apollo kiosk utilise modular kiosk designs allowing them to provide users with complete E-payment revenue solution kiosks, incorporating secure collection of note and coin tender, and if required a Chip & Pin reader and receipt printer.

If it’s queue busting kiosks or ticketing kiosk solutions you require, then the Bravo kiosk or the Apollo kiosk can provide multifunctional Internet, Information and ticketing kiosk solutions all of which can accommodate a multitude of kiosk printer types, including Boca ticket printers and A4 colour laser printers offering the ability to provide a full range of unattended booking kiosks and check in/out kiosk solutions.

When considering a kiosk solution it is important to identify the location it will be going in to and the target audience it is going to be aimed at. The kiosk represents only a part of the entire solution and just as importantly, consideration needs to be given to the software application that will run on the kiosk. Ensuring a good combination of suitable kiosk and usable software will go a long way to making the kiosk solution usable and enjoyable for the audience.

Location – The location of any kiosk is key to its usage and overall success. Some kiosks are designed for high footfall sites; others are designed to grab peoples attention, whilst some may be hidden but offering payment type services. Whichever the case it is important that studies are undertaken to ensure that the location of the kiosk fits with the target audience and expected usage patterns.

Software – The software, in most cases, needs to be tailored to each kiosk solution. Whilst there are a number of off the shelf solutions available in the market today, it is vital that time is spent understanding what the kiosk is designed to do, what it is intended to offer the customer and how the kiosk will communicate with any back office software. Acante have worked with a number of specialist companies over the years all of which have differing skills and specialties in relation to kiosk software and kiosk software applications.

Audience – The audience can dictate the kind of kiosk chosen. For example many kiosks may look sleek but are in fact too tall to be used by wheelchair users and young children. Other kiosks may be very thin in their design but are unable to take kiosk peripherals such as coin mechanisms, note validators and printers. Finally some audiences will require tough kiosks to ensure they cannot be damaged or broken if being used in harsh environments such as prisons.

Acantes ability to build touch screen Interactive Kiosks, touch screen Internet Kiosks and touch screen Wall Mount Kiosks in the UK allows full client interactivity and has ensured a long and successful business life span. Whilst Acante has continued to grow over the years it does, by comparison, remain a relatively small business enterprise. Despite this Acante have secured significant business deals with large corporate organisations such as O2, Vodafone, Toyota and Deloittes for the supply of volumes of kiosks made, in each case, in the UK to their specific requirements

It is without doubt that our ability to build in the UK, our ability to adjust to client requirements and their ability to have a hands on approach throughout the build process which has given all of our clients a great sense of control and ultimately a product which fits their needs.

Acante have a full range of kiosk solutions allowing the client to choose a best fit solution for their environment and target audience. Most of our kiosk solutions are DDA compliant and usable by wheelchairs and children. Some of our kiosks can be adapted to have special keyboards to assist the visually impaired whilst other kiosks can include chip & pin units for payment solutions. Other options include 12mm toughened glass touch screens for use in prison environments, hearing loops and additional repeater and advertising screens.

To ensure quality across all our products Acante are one of a select few companies that actually control the manufacture and assembly process of their touch screen information kiosks in its own offices in Reading, Berkshire, UK. We use our own work force and are intent on sourcing as many of our components as possible from local UK based companies, further supporting the local economy and insuring a close relationship between us and our supply chain. This allows us greater control over both manufacturing standards and timescales.

For further information or to visit our showroom and factory in Reading Berkshire please call us on 01189 885522 or visit or website at