Industry News - October 2010


Acante High Brightness LED Screens

5 October 2010

High Brightness LCD solutions have always been a flawed concept. Requiring an excessive amount of power and generating a great deal of heat, they have always resulted in high running costs and a short life span. This has all changed however with the introduction of LED backlit solutions. LEDs are renowned for being far more economical than regular LCD and even more importantly they generate a lot less heat. If you require a High Brightness... Read More


Acante Intelligent LCD Solutions

5 October 2010

Acante can supply an extensive range of LCD, LED and Touchscreen monitors to suit every possible application. The Benefit of using Acante Touchscreen enable LCD and LED screens is that there is an every growing selection of mounting types and styles; from the incredibly robust metal cased Chassis Mount LCD, to the ever popular and extremely versatile Open Frame monitors. The Chassis LCD, LED and touch screen solution comes housed in a slee... Read More


Application - Interactive Kiosks

22 October 2010

Acante have been supplying touch screen interactive kiosk solutions and touch screen LCD for over 10 years having now deployed thousands of touch screen Interactive kiosks, Information kiosks, touch screen Internet Kiosks and touch screen Wall Mount Kiosks across the UK, Europe and Worldwide. Interactive kiosks are designed to incorporate a multidue of peripherals including chip & pin, coin mechanisms, note validatiors, colour printers and ... Read More


Kiosk Application - Information Kiosks

21 October 2010

Touch screen Information kiosks have been used for many years to interact with customers and visitors in order to convey specific messages, relay information and allow the public access to the internet. Acante have been supplying touch screen information kiosks and touch screen solutions for over 10 years having now deployed thousands of touch screen Information kiosks, touch screen Internet Kiosks and touch screen Wall Mount Kiosks across ... Read More

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Applications: Internet Kiosk

19 October 2010

Internet Kiosks An internet kiosk allows the public to browse the internet through interactive touch screen solutions which can be either free of charge, pay as you go, wirelessly connected, floor mounted or wall mounted. In today's interactive society, the ability to access the internet on the go has become an obsession. An internet kiosk can provide a secure web solution which can be supplied as a pay as you go solution providing a retu... Read More

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Application: Museum Kiosks

18 October 2010

Museums need to ensure that they convey information to their audience as accurately and efficiently as possible. The information also needs to be communicated in a way that both educates and develops the audience's interest. Over many years, both paid and free to enter tourist attractions, especially the major city museums have continuously seen an increasing number of visitors through their exhibitions. Ensuring the visitor's experience ... Read More

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Kiosks continue to improve healthcare experiences

12 October 2010

Healthcare providers continually look for new and improved ways to contain their costs and improve efficiency. Kiosks have continued to be a popular choice. Kiosks can be used in many different healthcare environments, these include: Patient check-in Patient check-in kiosks could be tailored to manage Electronic Records and check-in functions. Track, trend & manage (biometrics) Kiosks... Read More

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