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Acante High Brightness LED Screens

5 October 2010

High Brightness LCD solutions have always been a flawed concept. Requiring an excessive amount of power and generating a great deal of heat, they have always resulted in high running costs and a short life span. This has all changed however with the introduction of LED backlit solutions. LEDs are renowned for being far more economical than regular LCD and even more importantly they generate a lot less heat. If you require a High Brightness... Read More


Acante Intelligent LCD Solutions

5 October 2010

Acante can supply an extensive range of LCD, LED and Touchscreen monitors to suit every possible application. The Benefit of using Acante Touchscreen enable LCD and LED screens is that there is an every growing selection of mounting types and styles; from the incredibly robust metal cased Chassis Mount LCD, to the ever popular and extremely versatile Open Frame monitors. The Chassis LCD, LED and touch screen solution comes housed in a slee... Read More

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Winmate LCD and Touchscreen Solutions

30 June 2011

LCD, LED and touch screen solutions Touch screen LCD have been used for many years to interact with customers and visitors in order to convey specific messages, relay information and allow the public access to the internet. Touch screen technology has improved dramatically in recent years with the introduction of larger touch screens, more powerful PC technology and greater accuracy within the touch screen itself. Acante are a UK d... Read More

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Application - Airport Kiosks

3 November 2010

The demands for interactivity within airports and the requirements for access to more and more services online have resulted in the use of airport kiosks to deliver interactive touch screen information services via kiosk based technology. Dependent upon the services required, kiosks have become the ideal solution to deliver ticketing, online services, passport control functions, biometric solutions and many other time saving solutions. ... Read More

LED Backlight Solution

22 September 2010

With the environment consciousness issue, more and more applications focus on LED backlight technology, and there alternative to the traditional CCFL backlight displays. The LED (Light Emitting Diode) is a energy-conserving, long-live low-polluting, high-efficient product, and is turning into an answer of the future lighting management. With the new technology of adoption, Winmate provides complete size 4.3" to 15.4" to the market and provides cu... Read More

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Museums continue to incorporate touchscreen technology

21 July 2011

Museums need to ensure that they convey information to their audience as accurately and efficiently as possible. The information also needs to be communicated in a way that both educates and develops audience interest. Over many years, both paid and free to enter tourist attractions, especially the major city museums have continuously seen an increasing number of visitors through their exhibitions. Ensuring the visitor experience is... Read More

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Military and Naval Systems

18 January 2011

You can now find information on Acante's Military and Naval solutions via the Military Systems and Technology websites. Stragegic Systems Engineering: Acante ltd offers strategic systems engineering and development partnerships for aerospace, defence, transportation, and industrial Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). Acante spe... Read More

Find out about LCD Technology

16 September 2010

About LCD Short for liquid crystal display, a type of display used in digital watches and many portable computers. LCD displays utilize two sheets of polarizing material with a liquid crystal solution between them. An electric current passed through the liquid causes the crystals to align so that light cannot pass through them. Each crystal, therefore, is like a shutter, either allowing light to pass through or blocking the light. Monochrom... Read More


RHS Wisely choose Acante LCD and Kiosks

13 September 2010

Acante originally supplied a range of robust Rear Mount and Open Frame LCD monitors to RHS Wisely through AV reseller Sysco "UK-based Sysco has completed an extensive audio-visual installation in a new visitor attraction, the Root Zone at RHS Garden Wisley in Surrey. Housed in a cavern within the Wisley Glasshouse, developed by the Royal Horticultural Society, the new Root Zone is an interactive area where visitors can learn about roots and... Read More

Winmate Full IP65 LCD

1 August 2011

Perfect for applications ranging from outdoor installation to medical environments and applications where dust, dirt or water ingress are a consideration, Acante have a range of Full IP65 stainless steel LCD and Panel PC. ... Read More

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