Touchscreen Technology

    Touchscreens are available in a wide variety of product families, sizes, shapes, and surface treatments to accommodate virtually any application and environment. Click here to find out more about the various technologies available.

  • Resistive main jpeg

    AccuTouch Resistive AccuTouch Resistive LCD

    AccuTouch technology is built with the harshest environments in mind, so it’s no wonder that it excels in reliability, durability, and expected product life.
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    IntelliTouch Surface WaveLCD

    IntelliTouch surface wave is the optical standard of touch. Its pure glass construction provides superior optical performance and makes it the most scratch-resistant technology
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    Capacitive LCD

    Capacitive technology consists of a uniform conductive coating on a glass panel. During operation, electrodes around the panel’s edge distribute low voltage uniformly across
  • resistive1 jpeg

    Resistive LCD

    Resistive touchscreens are used in more applications than any other touch technology for example, PDAs, point-of-sale, industrial, medical, and office automation, as well as
  • history of touchscreen technology

    A Brief History of Touchscreen Technology: Part One

    Touchscreens are so ubiquitous in today’s society that it’s hard to imagine life without them. Yet, only a few decades ago, touchscreen technology was
  • history of touchscreen

    A Brief History of Touchscreen Technology: Part Two

    Last week we delved into the fascinating history of touchscreen technology, from its humble beginnings to the end of the 1980s. This week, we’re