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Web Kiosks - A web kiosk allows the public to browse the internet through interactive touch screen solutions which can be either free of charge, pay as you go, wirelessly connected, floor mounted or wall mounted.

In today's interactive society, the ability to access the internet on the go has become an obsession. A web kiosk can provide a secure web solution which can be supplied as a pay as you go solution providing a return on the initial investment.

A web kiosk uses the same technology as a home computer and as such can incorporate the usual software that the general public use when browsing the Internet. The web kiosk tends to have a screen or touchscreen, a keyboard and a tracker ball. In addition to this the kiosk can have speakers, web cameras, payment systems, hearing loops and many other features.

Web kiosks can be supplied as a free tool or driven by a payment system; be it through coins, notes or a debit/credit card. Payment could also be made using tokens or by a voucher code being presented to the user. A voucher might be made available by a customer making a purchase at a coffee shop for instance.

Depending on the requirement the fee can be per hour or per minute always payable in advance. The kiosk could be configured to give a warning when the user's time is running low of more credit is needed. When or if the credit time finishes, the kiosk would simply log the use out ready for the next customer.

Web Kiosk solutions have proved useful for people who either don't have access to the Internet at home, or if they don't have access to the Internet whilst they are out or away, perhaps on holiday or a business trip.

Web kiosks could enable the public to access their emails, view online statistics, check online banking, make travel arrangements, check online social networking sites, lookup tourist information as well as many other online applications.

As a society we have all seemingly become very dependent on the Internet to help us organise our lives, keep connected and to provide entertainment.

By their nature and design Web Kiosks lend themselves perfectly to Internet cafes or Cyber Cafes. It is possible to ensure by design that web kiosks do not require staffing to take payments or to set the allocated time for each user. In a similar way web Kiosks could be an ideal solution for hotels by offering users Internet access with no additional customer service required from the hotel staff.

The web kiosk solution allows for multiple payment options, multiple software application usages and appeals to all age ranges.

Acante have supplied kiosks into a multitude of applications including railway stations, bus stations, shopping centres, airports, museums and hotels.

Acante have a varied range of Web kiosks designed to be floor standing, wall mounted, accessible by wheelchairs, children and adults whilst ensuring that each unit is as space saving as possible.

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